Costume Notes: Belle’s Ballgown

Photo by Gone Catawampus.
Photo by Gone Catawampus.

Completed: March 2015

Hours Spent: About 40 hours spread out over a month

Debuted: All-Con 2015

Why This Costume: Belle is one of my favorite Disney princesses. I made her village dress back in 2013, but her yellow dress has been one of my wish list costumes for a while. I ultimately decided to tackle this costume to practice making a corset prior to Lulu.

Photo by Gone Catawampus.

How I Made It: So obviously, this isn’t an exact replica of the animated dress. I like the silhouette of the film version, but I looked to the Broadway version, her recent promotion art, and the park versions for inspiration. When I started this project, I knew right away that I wanted a mix of fabrics to give it some vibrancy and depth. I used the matte side of poly satin, rose print brocade, glitter tulle, and organdy.

I talked a bit about constructing the corset in my last post. It’s a 3 layer corset made using TV110. The fashion layer is interfaced poly satin with brocade on the center panels. I found some lovely gold venice lace on eBay and used it to trim the seams on the bust and at the back by the eyelets. The center panel is made from duck cloth, and the lining layer is made with Disney princess cotton. I trimmed the edges with bias tape made from scrap brocade.

Photo by Gone Catawampus.

The skirt is self-drafted 6-panel skirt. To figure out the measurements, I took my hip measurement (since I was using an elastic waistband) and the circumference of the hoop skirt and divided them by six, adding in 1/2 on each side for seam allowance. I measured over the hoop skirt to the floor to figure out the length I needed. I multiplied that by 1.5 to get the length I needed for the top skirt.

Speaking of hoop skirts, you absolutely need on to make this skirt work. I opted for a 4-hoop skirt that I snagged off of eBay. I also used a petticoat, since the hoops show through the base skirt when I just use a hoop skirt.

So much fluff in this skirt. Photo by Gone Catawampus.

The base skirt is made from the matte side of my poly satin and hemmed with a blind hem by machine. The top skirt is made from organdy underlined with glitter tulle. Like its cousin organza, organdy frays like a bitch, so as soon as I cut my pieces and basted them together, I ran all the edges through my serger. From there, I ran gather lines over each panel, stopping just above the bottom, then basted the top edge to my underskirt. I did a 3-thread rolled hem on the bottom of the organza, then gathered up each panel by hand, securing the basting with a zig-zag stitch. After playing with a few options, I opted for a cascading drape, with the highest gather line being in the front center.

I wanted to bling up the skirt a bit, so I found some lovely pale yellow faux roses at Hobby Lobby and used a spray glitter to give them a little gleam and added some gold glitter on top for some extra shine.

With the lovely Ohheyabear Cosplay. Photo by Gone Catawampus.

The sleeves are made from the same combination of glitter tulle and organdy. They’re just rectangles that I finished with a French seam. I gathered them at slight angles at the center front and back of the corset. They attach with velcro, which is fused to the lining of the corset.

My wig is a Matilda from Arda in Spanish brown. It’s actually the same wig I used for my first Belle! I used this tutorial to get the bangs in order, then I used pre-styled bun from Arda. I covered the bun in a matching hair net to keep the fly aways in check. I also re-styled the curls. The yellow hair piece is a folded over rectangle made from scrap brocade. It connects with velcro.

No, Hades! Don't steal my soul! Photo by Gone Catawampus.
No, Hades! Don’t steal my soul! Photo by Gone Catawampus.

The shoes are dyeable bridal shoes I picked up from eBay. I dyed them a yellow-gold using iDye Poly in yellow (this tutorial is a great reference). To finish them off, I picked up some faux rose clips.

I picked up a few extra accessories for this costume off of Etsy, including a lovely faux pearl broach and some beautiful rose earrings. The gloves are from We Love Colors. I also made a quickie clutch from leftover fabric. The gorgeous mirror was made by Callula Cosplay.

I love that the mirror lights up! Kudos to Callula Cosplay on this fantastic prop. Photo by Gone Catawampus.

Thoughts on this costume: I AM A PRETTY, PRETTY PRINCESS! But seriously, this costume was so much fun to wear. It was a blast getting to run around all day as a Disney princess. The kids especially loved it!

I’d like to tweak this costume a bit (mostly blinging it up a bit more with some crystals and rhinestones), but overall I’m pretty happy with it. Now to re-make her village dress! You know, once I get through Lulu. :P

The best part about dressing like a Disney princess? Seeing the kids’ reactions! Photo by Mutants, Maidens, and Munchkins.

Who’s your favorite Disney princess? 

Pattern Review: TV110


Happy Friday! I’m gearing up for All-Con this weekend, so today I thought I’d share my thoughts on TV110, which I used to make Belle’s top/corset.

HRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR… It fits! The shoulder pieces attach to the lining with velcro. 

The Basics: 

Pattern: Truly Victorian 110

Total Hours: Around 20

Fabric: A little less than 1 yd. of poly satin (matte side), 1/4 yd of rose print brocade (center piece), 1 yd of duck cloth, 1 yd of Disney printed cotton.

Alterations: Removed the busk and tweaked the fit over the bust.

Notions: Thread, eyelets (and all necessary tools), ribbon (for waist stay and lacing), self-made bias tape, German plastic and flat steel boning, boning casing, lace trim

Did it look like the pattern illustration?: Yup!

Were the instructions easy to follow?: To be honest, I barely looked at them, other than to evaluate fitting and troubleshoot a few things.

Make it again?: Definitely.

Main issue with a 3 layer corset: SO MANY PIECES. 36 panels total.

Other thoughts: My initial plan with this project was to go with Simplicity 5006 since I had it in my stash. However, after some digging in the corset community, I ultimately landed on TV110. It’s pretty well regarded as a solid beginner pattern, it has pieces for different cup sizes, and it’s actually meant to be made and worn as a corset. Big 4 patterns add lots of ease to their patterns, which doesn’t work for corsets if you intend to do any waist reduction (corsets are one of those garments that should have negative ease when finished to accommodate lacing and waist reduction). Everything I read on Simplicity’s corset patterns advised cutting at least 2 sizes smaller than your actual measurements. I didn’t want to deal with that kind of headache with my first corset, so TV110 was the winner (plus it’s a good shape for Lulu, so there ya go).

I opted to go with somewhat inexpensive hardware on this project since it was my first go. I opted to use duck cloth for my strength layer rather than coutil. The idea of messing up fabric that runs at $30-40/yd was terrifying. I also used German plastic boning for the majority of the corset. This boning is stronger than standard Rigeline/fabric coated stuff you can get at fabric stores (supposedly it’s as strong as spiral steel boning), but still cheaper than steel boning. Plus, it doesn’t require fancy tools to cut.

A closer look at the interior hardware on the strength layer. The center bones are 1/2″ steel boning for support, and the rest are 1/4″ German plastic boning.

It’s really important in the early stages of planning a corset to decide *how* you are going to construct it. I knew going in that I wanted the shell to have an appearance more like a bodice than a corset, which mean that I didn’t want my boning channels to show through. For me, that meant a 3 layer corset with a floating strength layer. I used Sidney Eileen‘s fantastic post on the topic as a guide.

All 3 layers ready for assembly. The fashion layer has welted seams for a pretty finish, while the lining does not. The strength layer does all the heavy lifting, so there’s no need to do extra reinforcement unless you want to.

There were only a few areas where I scratched my head and wondered what the heck to do, and they mostly revolved around the eyelets/grommets in the back. First off, if you go with the floating layer approach, you have to trim off the seam allowance of the strength layer so that it can slide in the middle. Kind of a “no duh” moment, but it’s not explicitly written.

corset back

Also, I think I mucked up the boning placement in the back. Bones should be placed on both sides of your grommets in order to reduce pressure on the grommets. Either my bones (1/2″ steel) were too wide or I fudged the placement a bit. The 1/2″ bone I originally placed on the outside of the grommet channel pretty much overlapped the plastic bone I used on the seam, so I swapped it out for another plastic bone. I didn’t find much help in the instructions or the tutorials I was referring to, so I’ll need to investigate this more when I work on Lulu.

Self-drafted floating modesty panel. I added tabs at the top and bottom that the ribbon threads through to keep it in place.

All in all, this is a very well-drafted pattern, and I’d highly recommend it for any novice corset-makers. I’m really looking forward to improving my approach to it when I get started on Lulu!

tumblr_nkrr2mDwAg1sxq29yo1_500Have you made this pattern before? What did you think of it?

Life According to Instagram: February 2015

Hello, March! Here are a couple of Instagram highlights from last month.

February Instagram

1. I finished Captain Marvel and entered her into the costume contest. I’m still shocked that I won Best in Show! I was so nervous and jittery in my post-contest interview :P Unfortunately, weather this month hasn’t been cooperative, so I still haven’t done a proper photo shoot. Hopefully that will happen in March!

2. One of my favorite photos from Fan Days. Cosplay is serious business, m’kay?

3. I’ve neglected my non-cosplay sewing recently, so I indulged in this fun crafty fabric for a random project. I’m hoping to turn it into a craft apron soon!

4. My poor pup dealt with the trauma of being neutered. I think he looks kind of adorable and forlorn in his cone of shame. It’s off now, and he’s back to full-energy!

5. My main project for February was Belle. The corset has been a fun challenge. It’s been a while since I took on such a time and attention-intensive project, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

6. I could only make it out to Fan Days for one day, and as a result missed out on the dealer’s room. Fortunately, my friends had me covered and snagged me these two fantastic prints!

Are you on Instagram? Let’s be friends!

WIP: February 2015

Another month of 2015 is nearly over! As I write this, North Texas is in the midst of a last-minute winter freak out. There’s almost 3 inches of snow covering my yard and it’s supposed to continue throughout the day. That’s as good of an excuse as any for a craft weekend/binge session of Arrow!

My half-finished wig. Not pictured: the odango-style bun that will replace that poof in the back.

Speaking of crafting, I only focused on one project this month (well, aside from last-minute touch-ups on Captain Marvel): my spin on Belle’s yellow ball gown from Beauty and the Beast. It’s been really nice to just focus on one project this month. I have a lot of commissions scheduled for the next 3-4 months, so being able to take my time on a single costume just for me has been a very pleasant experience. I’m planning to debut this costume at All-Con in two weeks, and I’m currently at about 70% completion. I was hoping to knock out the last bits of her corset this weekend, but I’m currently waiting on steel boning to arrive in order to finish.

ALL THE CORSET LAYERS! I wanted this corset to resemble a bodice more than a corset, so I opted for the floating layers approach described in Sidney Eileen’s blog. My fashion layer is made of satin and brocade, the strength layer is duck cloth, and the lining is a fun Disney princess cotton I found at Jo-Ann’s.

Aside from being one of my dream cosplays, this costume has given me an excuse to make a corset, which is something I wanted to practice before tackling Lulu. I’ve put off corset-making for quite a while since it seemed so intimidating and I didn’t feel like my skills were up to par. But honestly, it’s not that bad! Definitely time consuming (I think I’ve put about 8 hours into it so far, and I still need to bone, bind, grommet, and lace it), but now I get why people say that if you can sew a straight line you can sew a corset. I’ll go into more detail on this when I do my costume write-up on Belle.

Floofy skirt is floofy. There’s about 20 yards of fabric in this skirt. The base skirt is a self-drafted 6-panel skirt made of satin, and another longer 6-panel skirt made of glitter tulle and organdy. The waistband is elastic, because who’s going to see that nonsense under the corset?

My hope for this snowy weekend is to add the final details to my corset fashion layer, cut and file the plastic boning, finish the wig, take up the skirt hem another inch or so, and make the shoulder pieces. If time allows, I’d love to also make Lulu’s “fur” stole and do a non-cosplay thing. I’ve sorely neglected my garment and other non-cosplay projects so far this year :(. The rest of my supplies should make their way here next week, so hopefully I can wrap everything up soon!

The modesty panel for the back of the corset. I opted to make it out of the same brocade as the front of the corset since it’s just so pretty. This panel will have loops that the lacing will go through to keep it in place.

What’s on your craft table right now?  

Sewing Rejects

Happy Friday the 13th/Galentine’s Day/pre-Valentine’s Day!

Today’s post was inspired by a non-cosplay sewing session yesterday. I’ve been eyeing the Oslo pattern from Seamwork since it came out a little while back. I have a mild addiction to cardigans (19 and counting), and I love the idea of having a TNT cardigan pattern that I can whip up in 2 hours or less. I had just enough of a mystery knit from a Golden D’Or sale in my stash, so I thought it’d be a fun and simple project that I could sew in the morning and wear to work later in the day. Awesome. Except… It wasn’t.

gingham sorbetto 1
Another rejected sewing project. I really wanted to like this top, but I’ve worn it maybe 1 or 2 times since making it almost 8 months ago.

After sewing everything up, I just stared at my new cardigan. And stared. I hated it. Not the pattern, mind you. Oversized cardigans are one of my all-time favorite wardrobe pieces and I have at least 2 other cardigans similar to the Oslo in my closet. (Though I do want to tweak it a bit to fit me better. The sleeves are crazy huge).

This project was another sad sewing reject. I wanted to like it so much. Knit projects really do need high-quality fabric!
This project was another sad sewing reject. I wanted to like it so much. Knit projects really do need high-quality fabric!

My distaste was the combination of inappropriate fabric (this pattern definitely needs a mid- to heavy-weight knit instead of the super slinky knit I used), a pattern that still needs to be tweaked to fit me better, less than stellar workmanship (oh god, don’t look at the serging on the front collar or the [lack of] strip matching), and general apathy for the finished product. I left the cardigan alone when I went to work yesterday, but when I looked at it again this morning, I knew with a sinking feeling that I’d never wear it. Or photograph it :P

Front view. Oh dear glob, I need a haircut.
Another bummer reject. I wore this dress a few times and always got compliments on it, but the gaping at the neckline really bugs me.

So my question to all of you is what do you do with your rejected sewing projects? The things you finish, but never quite get around to wearing more than once or twice. Mine are currently hanging in my closet, but I know that it’s time to clear them out and make room for things that I’ll love and actually wear. Do you hang on to them for sentimental reasons? Or are you ruthless with your closet weeding? Let me know!

Costume Notes: Captain Marvel

Image from CBS News.
Image from CBS News.

Completed: February 2015

Hours Spent: About 45 hours spread out over 2 months

Debuted: Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 2015

Ran into my friend Rachel, who also dressed as Captain Marvel and dressed her daughter up as Ms. Marvel! Photo by Gone Catawampus.

Why This Costume: I really got into Captain Marvel last year. It started with my Ms. Marvel stashbusting. The more I read about Carol, the more I liked her. I was smitten with Kelley Sue Deconnick’s comic from the first issue I picked up. Since I was late to the game, I barreled through the 2012 run thanks to the digital trades and then jumped straight into the 2014 run. This is one of my favorite comics and always makes it on my pull list.

Awards(!): Best in Show (Fan Days 2015)

10847839_655131204612989_53325036586880881_n (1)
I did a short interview with RedBeard TV, who was one of the judges. Check it out here. Photo by Rick on Facebook.

How I made it: Let’s start with the first item I made on this costume: the bodysuit. I came up with the pattern for the suit the same way I do all my superhero suits. After blending a raglan sleeve skating pattern with a leggings pattern (in hindsight, I think it would have been easier to use Kwik Sew 3052 and draw in the raglan lines and side seams), I made a mock-up, tweaked the fit, and marked all the stripes on the base suit. I then cut up my mock-up and transferred all my markings to paper, evening up the lines and adding in seam allowance.


I wanted a suit that looked like it could actually be worn in space, so I spent a lot of time hunting down material. Ultimately, I decided on this faux stretch leather, gold metallic spandex, and a football weight royal blue spandex.

Probably my favorite photo from the con. I didn’t run into my friends who dressed as rapotrs, but I did run into Raptor Jesus! He was a good sport about this. Photo by Gone Catawampus.

There’s really not a lot to say about constructing the suit that I haven’t mentioned in my Spandex 101 series. One of the most difficult things with this suit is matching up the stripes while dealing with the piping (I opted for flat piping, by the way. I liked the look better). I wound up machine basting the piping to one piece, then hand basting the other side, then machine basting again before running it all through my serger. Spandex likes to slide around, and even being off 1/4″ was really obvious. I will not admit how much time I spent seam ripping :P.

Bodysuit after seam-ripping at least 3 times.

The sash was pretty simple. I just made a rectangle out of the same stretch satin I used for my Ms. Marvel and tapered off the edges with my hip curve. The lovely hip ornament was 3D printed for me by Chaks Productions. I attached it with a spin clip.


For the boots, I bought a pair of faux leather tan ones off of eBay, cut off the decorations, and painted them with Angelus leather paint. The paint didn’t take to the zipper, so I had to seam rip the original ones out and stitch new ones in.

Cosplay is serious business, dudes. Photo by Gone Catawampus.

The gloves were definitely the most expensive part of this costume. My original plans to make gloves didn’t go so well, so I decided to purchase some. I bought a pair off of eBay that matched my boots quite well, even if they did come from a China-based company. Unfortunately, my dog got into my craft room and destroyed those. I ordered another pair, but they were orange. Gloves number three was the ultimate winner.

A moment of silence for the gloves that were destroyed.

I wanted the buttons to match the suit, so I used the DIY fabric covered button kits from Jo-Anns. I picked up several 5/8″ sets and covered them with scrap spandex. Once that was done, I hand sewed them to the collar, the boots, and gloves.

Hold on, dudes. Rocket’s trying to sell Chewie again. Photo by Gone Catawampus.

The flame fists were fun to make. I used the lovely BelleChere’s tutorial. Basically, you make a sphere out of masking tape. The “flames” are cones of theatre lighting gel that I melted down with my heat gun. I hot glued the cones to the sphere. They’re remarkably sturdy and survived getting run into by con-goers and people trying to touch them.


The mohawk was also a lot of fun to style! I picked up a Lulu from Arda for this. I was hoping to snag a lace-front, but they were out of the color I needed. To style it, I teased a strip down the center of the wig. Then, I molded extra wefts around the teased base with hair spray and my blow dryer. It’s a very similar to styling anime girl bangs, just in a different direction. It held up surprisingly well, in spite of some nasty wind at the con.


The gorgeous helmet was made by Kevin Dale. If you need any leather pieces, talk to this guy. His work is phenomenal. It has eyelets at the top and I threaded cord through the wig to hold it in place.

Rock the hawk.

I mentioned in a previous post that I have a couple of different looks depending on what cons I wear this costume to. I also have a lace front alternative wig from Epic for days I don’t want to wear the helmet. I also drafted a faux fur collar for my bomber jacket for cold weather cons.


Thoughts on this costume: Overall, I’m really pleased with this costume. It was much harder than I expected, but I’m glad I took my time with it. There are still a few small tweaks I’d like to make, but none of them are major. I can’t wait to set up a proper photo shoot with this costume! Hopefully at one of the air museums near me.

Photo by Alan Tijernia Photography.

Cosplay Spotlight: The Geeky Seamstress


Hey friends! I did an interview with Optimus Reports a little while back and it just went live. Check it out!

Originally posted on Optimus Reports:

Hey everyone!

We’re running a bit late in getting up another of our cosplay spotlight features! We’ve been busy working in our sister-site, Ninja Photography , as we push forward with new equipment for cosplay photograpy!
Today, we have the lovely “The Geeky Seamstress” joining us as the next feature in today’s segment.
Be sure and check out our interview and her page!

Ms. Marvel Gown

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Fandom Friday: Favorite Funko Pop Figures (+ Con Announcement)

IMG_0731Happy Friday! I had to jump in with another Fandom Friday post since this week’s topic is all about the Funko Pop! figurines! I’m not much of a collector, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t consider buying one (dozen or so) of these every time I went to a con. The hardest part about this week is only choosing 5! So I kind of cheated a little and chose the top five individual figures I want along with the top 5 collections I’d like.

First up, figures!

08_WonderWomanPopGlam_1024x10241. Wonder Woman: Are y’all surprised by this? Didn’t think so.

C3PO-POP_GLAM_1024x10242. C-3P0: I debated on whether or not to just put the entire Star Wars collection into this list, but some of them are not that cute. C-3P0 is definitely my favorite of the collection!

5104_Dancing_Groot_GLAM_1024x10243. Dancing Groot: Who doesn’t want a dancing Groot? I just love that he’s a bobble head.

Belle_grande4. Belle: Belle is my favorite Disney princess, and now that I’m planning to cosplay her (again), I want all her merch! I definitely want the yellow ballgown version, though that is pretty hard to find. I also want the peasant dress figure and the hipster version!

GIZMO_POP_GLAM_1024x10245. Gizmo: I recently watched Gremlins for the first time and loved it. Gizmo is so cute! I definitely want this figure and a Gizmo plushie.


The_Gentlemen_POP_1024x10241. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: I want so many of these that I’d just rather take the collection. Willow, Oz, Spike and the Gentlemen are definitely my favorite figures.

Teen_Titans_Ravin_1024x10242. Teen Titans Go!: This was one of my favorite cartoons as a teen, and all of the characters are so well suited for Funko figurines! Starfire and Raven are definitely my favorites.

4181_Firefly_-_Kaylee_Frye_GLAM_1024x10243. Firefly: I oggle these every time I see them. There’s actually a hard to find “dirty” Kaylee that’s super adorable. There was one on sale at the North Texas Comic Book show and I’m kicking myself for not buying her!

Ghost_POP_GLAM_1024x10244. Game of Thrones: I just love that such a dark show has such cute figurines. Ghost is my favorite, though I also love Drogon and Dany’s figures.

4343_Breaking_Bad_-_Heisenberg_GLAM_1024x10245. Breaking Bad: Again, I love the fact that a show this dark has such cute figurines. Heisenburg and cook Jessie are my favs!

There were a few other collections that almost made the cut, including the X-Men (no official Rogue. Le sigh) and Kill Bill. Like I said, the hardest part about this week was picking which ones I liked the most! Ultimately, I thought that Breaking Bad in Funko form was cuter than Kill Bill. But I’d totally take both if I could.

What are your favorite Funko figures? You can see more responses at The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick!

Disclaimer: All images are property of of Funko. I make no money from this nonsense (though if they’d like to send me some for review, I will happily accept).

FotorCreatedP.S. I’m heading out to Fan Days this weekend and “officially” debuting Captain Marvel! Unfortunately, I won’t have my new contact cards with me, but feel free to say hi and ask for derpy mohwak selfies if you see me!

Life According to Instagram: January 2015

I feel so old every time I say this, but I feel like 2015 got off with a ridiculous flurry. How did the month go by so fast? Here are a few of my favorite moments from January, as documented by Instagram.

Instagram January 2015

  1. My birthday was on January 4! I was unfortunately too sick to go out and do much of anything fun. But my friend Maven Lee Cosplay still made me this beautiful cross-stitch! It’s currently hanging by my sewing table.
  2. I started my Back to Basics series! I have lots of ideas for this series, and hopefully I’ll  be able to pump these out once a month. The next one should be ready for posting next Tuesday!
  3. I finished waaaaaay more commissions than I anticipated this month: 2 bodysuits for Taffeta Darling, a cape for Chaks Productions, and a bustle skirt for a friend’s upcoming steampunk costume. I thought is was funny looking at TD’s bodysuits next to mine, since I’m stupid tall and she’s on the shorter side. There’s like 8″ of difference between the legs of our suits.
  4. My puppy continues to distract me from crafting. He’s not a fan of me isolating myself to work on projects, so most of the time I have to wait for my boyfriend to get home before I can start on stuff. How do you handle craft pets?
  5. ModCloth asked me to participate in their layering challenge. It was super exciting to be contacted by a company that puts out so many cute clothes. The mood board/fashion styling post was kind of a first too! Are you guys interested in seeing more of these posts?
  6. My friend Yogomi contacted me about creating a cosplay documentary series. He’s doing short, 10-ish minute segments on various cosplayers and chatting about what got them into cosplay, their inspiration, how they go about projects, etc. I’m super excited to share this with you guys once it’s up!
  7. I got to do my first promo gig! Red Pegasus put out a call for Marvel cosplayers to help promote The Marvel Experience (Gone Catawampus has a great review of the event if you’re interested in attending!). I donned Captain Marvel for the event. Promo work isn’t something I think I’ll do on a regular basis, but it was fun nonetheless. And I got free tickets to attend The Marvel Experience, so win!
  8. Calliopunk/Callulu Cosplay persuaded me to tackle Belle. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m hoping to have her ready for All-Con in mid-March. Once Fan Days is over, I plan to focus entirely on this costume (and finally make 1 or 2 non-costume things. I need an instant gratification project something fierce). Hopefully I’ll have some time this week to get started on the top layer of her skirt!
  9. I made it out to the North Texas Comic Book Show a few weeks ago. This is always a low-key event, but it’s nice to actually be able to talk to people instead of hastily waving at friends while rushing between panels and events. My favorite photo from the day was me in my moogle hoodie “fighting” Calliopunk in her Captain Hammer.

Are you on Instagram? Let’s be friends!

WIP: January 2015

I’m bringing back the WIP posts this year! I tapered off towards the end of last year since I didn’t have as many projects to share. This year, I’m also going to add my commissions to these posts, since I don’t want to clutter your feed with just skirts and capes and bodysuits. What’s funny about this post is I actually took 2 weeks off of sewing this month thanks to the flu. I didn’t realize I made so much! First up:

This photo blew up my tumblr feed. Uh, okay then.

Captain Marvel: 90% complete

Gah, I’m so excited for this! I nearly finished Captain Marvel at the end of December for a charity event, then I wound up getting the flu and couldn’t go :( This has definitely been the most intense bodysuit I’ve made to date. The bodysuit alone took close to 20 hours with all the seam matching, flat piping, and satin stitching.

tumblr_ninpgp4mBv1sxq29yo1_500I have a couple of different “looks” planned for Carol depending on weather and what cons I attend. For a more casual look, I altered an old bomber jacket and bought a lacefront alternative wig that matches Carol’s current hairstyle during Epic Cosplay‘s Black Friday sale. I was hoping to style this wig into a faux hawk, but Epic wigs don’t hold intense styling very well.

For the cons I that I want to go all out, I have a helmet in the works and flame fists (made using BelleChere’s fabulous tutorial!). I just got a Lulu from Arda that I’ll style into her mohawk with the helmet.

tumblr_nioq93XmPv1sxq29yo1_500All that’s left on this costume is finishing the flames, picking up my hip ornament and helmet, styling the wig, and adding buttons to the gloves. If you follow my social media, you already know that my new puppy got into my craft room and destroyed my original gloves. That dog is lucky he’s cute. Fortunately, he’s okay and didn’t do much damage otherwise. I can’t wait to share the final results with you guys!

tumblr_nirghf8DYO1sxq29yo1_500Belle: 5% complete

My friend Calliopunk over at Gone Catawampus convinced me to tackle Belle’s yellow ballgown. After some thought, I decided to switch up my lineup and tackle her for All-Con in March. Fortunately, I have a bit of a break on commissions this month, so I’m clearing out my calendar and focusing on Belle for the next several weeks.

Taking this project on does mean that my coat project is going on hold, but that actually works out for the best since it’s been in the 60s-70s here for the past few weeks. My fabric will still be there in the fall!

I decided to go with the animated film version with some fabric tweaks to give it more visual interest. Keep an eye out on my Instagram for lots of updates!


IMG_1473Captain Cold and Squirrel Girl bodysuits

These were made for the lovely Taffeta Darling. The grey one is for Squirrel Girl and is made using Kwik Sew 3052 and matte gunmetal moleskin.

The blue and white one is for Captain Cold. It’s made from turquoise milliskin (sadly, no moleskin in the right color) and white stretch vinyl. To make the side panels, I made a mock-up of Kwik Sew 3052 and marked out the sections while my client was wearing it. Then, I just transferred those markings to my paper pattern. I’m pretty pleased with this one, and it was great practice for an upcoming Stephanie Brown Batgirl commission!

10897002_915144441830239_2740613933801006070_nRobin Cape

This was a quickie day project. Basically, it’s a black and yellow cape for Chaks Productions made of broadcloth. It attaches to his suit with velcro. Yay capes! This photo is pilfered from his page.

bustle frontSteampunk Alice Bustle Skirt

Ah, the lovely Simplicity 1819. I definitely griped about this skirt a lot in my last post, but it wasn’t too bad of a project!

What’s on your craft table right now?