Avengers Academy Captain Marvel

Photoshoots: N/A

Debuted: April 2019

Why this costume

This costume has been on my back burner wish list for quite some time. I really enjoyed the Avengers Academy game while it was out (it’s dead now, sadly), and Carol’s initial outfit appealed to me since it looked like a set of comfy but recognizable workout clothes! I even bought fabric for this outfit, but then Pinecrest fabric asked if I had an interest in reviewing one of their new collections and I jumped at the opportunity. 

how i made it

I used several go-to spandex patterns for this build: Yaya Han’s Ultimate Bodysuit pattern and Simplicity’s 8327 being the main ones. Since I’ve used both of these patterns several times, I was able to copy my base pieces, make my alterations, and whip most of this up over the course of a few evenings!

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Costume Notes: Avengers Academy Captain Marvel

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