My Hero Academia – Student Uniform

Photographer Credits: Kronos Otaku, edits by Daydreamer Nessa.

Completed: July 2018

Debuted: Anime Expo 2018

why this costume

I’ve been on the MHA hype train for a while (me and the hubs love watching it together), but I’d never really thought about cosplaying from it. That changed when Daydreamer Nessa asked me and the Cosmic Coterie crew if we’d be interested in joining her group for fun times at AX! I immediately started rewatching the series with the CC crew, but this time I actively started looking for characters I wanted to cosplay. And… well, Yaoyorozu is basically my cosplay type: blunt, scholarly do-gooder and as an added bonus, she’s tall. So yay!

how I made it

This costume was purchased with some mild modifications. My wig was commissioned from my Cosmic Coterie teammate, Victoria Bane.

relevant blog posts

Costume Notes: Momo Yaoyorozu (My Hero Academia)

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