Cambie does Jersey

Blue satin cambie

Say hello to another Cambie! I made this little lovely for a fancy wedding the BF and I attended in New Jersey. I don’t have the chance to attend many fancy events, so I didn’t want to drop a lot of money on this. Instead, I turned to my fabric stash and utilized material that was intended for a steampunk costume that never happened.

Overall, I really love how this came out. It’s pretty and feminine, and just enough to work for a black tie optional wedding, IMHO. I could be wrong. I’m terrible at determining fashion.

The Basics:

Pattern: Sewaholic Cambie with a circle skirt instead of a gathered one. Cutting/fitting the bodice was pretty simple, since I knew the Star Wars dress fit me well.

Fabric: 4~ yards of blue satin fabric that I had in my stash. I still have some left and am planning to make this purse to match for my next event.

Alterations: Circle skirt instead of a gathered skirt.

Time: 10~. F*cking circle skirt hems…

Notions: Invisible zipper.

Make it again? Yup. Got 4 more planned.

Favorite parts: Gorgeous pattern, pretty sleeves, makes me look like a badass seamstress.

Other thoughts: What can I say about this pattern that I haven’t already? It’s a beautiful fit, comfortable, easy-ish to make, super flattering, and fun.

I felt like it was the perfect dress for the occasion. I’m planning to costume it up a little for the A-kon Masquerade next year and hopefully find a few other places to wear it.

I did mess up on the skirt lining hem a bit. When I have time, I plan to fix that and make a clutch from my scraps while I’m at it.



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