Me Made May 2014 Challenge


May is quickly approaching and with it brings the Me-Made-May Challenge! MMM is a challenge for sewists/knitters/crocheters/upcyclers to wear and love their creations. This is something that I’ve been floundering a bit with in my RTW fasting challenge, so I’m hoping that participating will help me identify holes in my wardrobe and help me get more comfortable wearing my self-made garments on a regular basis.

I have two major goals with this challenge:

  1. To wear 3 me-made garments per week.
  2. To document my wears.

My Instagram (@thegeekyseamstress) has been sorely neglected since I created it, so I’ll post my outfits over there as well as on Twitter (@mindy_nickel). Every Friday in May I’ll post a recap here of my outfits for the week. I can’t wait to see how this goes!

Are any of you participating in Me-Made-May this year? What are your goals?

P.S. I promise part two of my undergarments post is coming soon. I found out about a new technique that I want to try  before I post it 🙂


2 thoughts on “Me Made May 2014 Challenge

  1. I hope your enjoy the MMMay2104 journey. I’ll be joining you.

    And take your time with the next underneath post, especially if you’re testing a new technique #brave.

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