Senshi Yukata (Sailor Moon Artbooks)

Photoshoots: Ash Snap ‘Em Photography

Completed: May 2018

Debuted: A-Kon 2018

why this costume

This was the main build my cosplay group, Cosmic Coterie, voted on making this year. We wanted to focus on a build that was relatively simple, since all of us had major life commitments to handle this year.

Our first priority in making these was ensuring that we were respectful to Japanese culture in the creation of these builds, so we spent a lot of time and energy making sure we were accurate to artbook designs of the inner senshi and following appropriate yukata-wearing protocol. The incredible Victoria Bane spearheaded this research. You can find our full notes here!

how i made it

Full details on this build are available in my costume notes, linked below!

relevant blog posts

Costume Notes: Senshi Yukata (Sailor Moon Artbooks)

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