Student Mercedes (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)

Photoshoots: The Pic Witch

Completed: October 2019

Debuted: Katsucon 2020

why this costume

Fire Emblem: Three Houses completely took over my life in September 2019. My husband started playing it before me and got me to try it by saying it was essentially medieval fantasy Persona. After close to 250 hours of gameplay, I don’t *entirely* agree with that statement (horny chess is far more accurate), but it worked regardless.

Mercedes is very much My Brand of character – a big sister type and also a healer, which is my default class in RPGs. I also love her designs, both as a student and after the timeskip, which made her my first choice of character to cosplay from this game!

how i made it

Since Mercedes’ design is fairly simple, I used it as an opportunity to play with drafting challenges. I used Sew Curvy’s Sophia underbust pattern as a base for the “bodice” portion and drafted an empire waist A-line skirt with a built-in corset. The emblems are all gold heat-transfer vinyl. The heraldry emblems were designed by The Dangerous Ladies and the hardware on the skirt are resin kits from their store as well (I did minor clean-up and painting on them).

The shawl was patterned using a vintage pattern I had on hand and made with wool from Mood fabrics. I embroidered the heraldry pattern on the side (again using the heraldry pattern from The Dangerous ladies as a base) using my work’s embroidery machine. The stripes are bias cut strips of satin.

For the wig, I harvested wefts from an Arda wigs Nina and sewed them into my base wig, then teased it and smoothed the wig into place.

relevant blog posts

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