Tutorials and Presentations


Favorite Tutorials

There are lot of really great tutorials for sewing, armor making, painting, and pretty much anything else you can think of out on the open web. I’ve included a few of my favorite video tutorials in the playlist below, but feel free to contact me if you’re curious about a specific technique or your Google-fu could use some help!


5 thoughts on “Tutorials and Presentations

  1. Hey Mindy! I absolutely love your Serena cosplay- was just wondering if you were still planning to make a tutorial? 🙂

  2. Where do you get your fabric? Do you have an awesome store near you? I have three Jo-Anns in my area, and they don’t carry much in the way of spandex, etc. Do you have a favorite online fabric store you can recommend?

    1. Hi there! I get my fabric at a lot of different places. Dallas has a fantastic fabric district off of Harry Hines, but I also shop online and at my local Jo-Anns and Hancocks. For spandex, my local shop is Fabrictopia, and they’re working on an online storefront: http://www.fabrictopiadallas.com/. I also like Spandex World, but their shipping is super expensive. Hope that helps! 🙂

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