MLP: Rainbow Dash 1.0

Completed: May 2012

Hours Spent: 10~

Worn at: A-Kon, Dallas Fan Days

Why I chose this costume:

I was invited to A-Kon in 2012 by a friend who said that I was the nerdiest person she’d ever met who hadn’t attended a con (insert: :P). Prior to the weeks leading to A-Kon, I caught up on all the MLP episodes during our group costuming nights. When she asked if I’d be willing to do a group costume, I jumped at the chance to embody the pony that’s 20% cooler (IRL, I’m Rainbow Dash/Twilight Sparkle).

How I made this:

This is pretty much a closet cosplay. I had a lot of materials already, so I just supplemented the rest with some shopping. In my first go at it, I snagged a rainbow wig from Hot Topic for about $7. I got a pale blue t-shirt from Old Navy and printed off RD’s cutie mark on printer fabric and hand stitched it on. I also snagged a pair of blue running shorts from Old Navy, a pair of rainbow knee-high socks from Party City, and wore a pair of blue sneakers I already had. On the day of A-Kon, I used some face paint to mark up my cheeks like RD does in a couple of episodes. I also borrowed a pair of goggles from a friend to complete the look. Once I got to the con, I picked up a pair of blue wings from Yaya Han’s booth. Overall, it was cute, but the shirt got stained and the sew-on cutie mark was a one-time thing.

Revamped: I did a bit more hunting and gathering the second time around. I opted to keep the wig, shorts, socks, and sneakers since they worked out pretty well the first time around. I picked up a loose blue racerback workout tank and ironed on a modified rainbow patch (I sewed over it a bit to keep it in place). I also picked up a pair of Harry Potter Quidditch goggles and rainbow wristbands. To make ears, I used craft foam and attached them to a scrap piece of elastic that I turned into a headband. They’re a little flimsy, but they match the wings. I may remake these out of Worbla if/when I wear this again. I also picked up a fantastic tail that I found on sale at Hot Topic (see: my new favorite place for random costume supplies).

Thoughts on this costume: This one is silly, but super comfortable. One of my regrets the first time around was not wearing tights under my shorts. More people took pictures of us than I thought, so having something to smooth out my legs would have made me way less self-conscious. I’m definitely planning to wear at least one, if not two pairs of tights next time.

Also, the wig I bought for this costume is the best money investment EVER. It’s a cheap wig, but it goes so well with this costume and has lasted through 2 cons and a party. Awesome.

I do plan to make a 2.0 version of this costume, likely for a 2014 convention. Keep an eye out for progress pics!

Version 2: Bigger pony group at Dallas Fan Days 2012.
Version 2: Bigger pony group at Dallas Fan Days 2012.
Quick pic with friends on the way to A-Kon
Version 1: Quick pic with friends on the way to A-Kon

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