The Romantic Tutu

As part of my homework for a Theatre History class this week, I constructed a basic romantic tutu with an emphasis on historical technique. I'll go into further text details at a later date, but for now, here are some photos of the construction process that I opted not to upload with my assignment. For … Continue reading The Romantic Tutu

Costume Notes: Bunnysuit Usagi

      Photographer Credits: Koholint Cosplay, assistance from AdventTraitor Completed: March 2019 Hours Spent: App. 30 Debuted: N/A Why This Costume: A traditional bunny suit has been on my wishlist for quite a while. I was going through a stash-busting phase earlier this year when I realized I had everything on hand to make a … Continue reading Costume Notes: Bunnysuit Usagi

Costume Notes: Avengers Academy Captain Marvel

Completed: April 2019 Hours Spent: 15-ish Debuted: Dallas Film Society's High School Day Why This Costume: This costume has been on my back burner wish list for quite some time. I really enjoyed the Avengers Academy game while it was out (it's dead now, sadly), and Carol's initial outfit appealed to me since it looked … Continue reading Costume Notes: Avengers Academy Captain Marvel

Commission Notes: Super Sailor Moon

Completed: February 2017 Hours Spent: About 40 hours How I made it: I know, I know. ANOTHER FUKU. I keep promising myself/y'all that I'm going to cool it with these, but apparently they're becoming one of my staples. For a long time I told myself I wouldn't take Super Moon commissions since I definitely prefer the gradient dyeing … Continue reading Commission Notes: Super Sailor Moon

Costume Notes: Super Sailor Chibi Moon

Completed: August 2016 Hours Spent: About 40 hours Debuted: AnimeFest 2016 Why This Costume: This was a Cosmic Coterie group effort to complete Super ChibiMoon for the lovely PockyPants! ChibiMoon is her favorite character, so when we had a chance to do some recasting, we decided that she should get a new fuku!  How I made it: Since this … Continue reading Costume Notes: Super Sailor Chibi Moon

Costume Notes: Hannah (Rat Queens)

I'M NOT DEAD I SWEAR. Haha. I'm sorry for the accidental radio silence, folks. Real life got hectic, and my blog got pushed further and further in the back burner. That said, I'm back and ready to share information on some of my recent makes! So let's start with my first fully completed costume of … Continue reading Costume Notes: Hannah (Rat Queens)