Fandom Friday: Favorite Ways to Netflix and Chill

Happy Friday! I was hoping to share a new make with all of you today, but my camera is in need of some TLC, so have a Fandom Friday post!


The term “Netflix and chill” always makes me giggle. I don’t really associate it with with hooking up. When I watch Netflix and chill, it really is just that! Here are my favorite ways to hang with Netflix:

Netflix saved my sanity while working on Lulu.


Crafting: I’ve mentioned before that I tend to watch A LOT of Netflix while I craft. I like the background noise. Often times I’ll watch my favorite sitcoms on repeat. I’ve made several cycles through How I Met Your Mother, Buffy, Angel, Archer, Bob’s Burgers, and now Friends (high school Mindy LOVES that it’s streaming now 🙂 ). I tend to save shows I actually want to pay attention to for hand stitching or other crafts that don’t involve my sewing machine since I can spare a little more attention that way.

From bed: Not gonna lie, one of my favorite lazy indulgences is hanging in bed while wearing my warmest PJs and watching my favorite shows, especially on a rainy morning. I normally do with shows the boyfriend and I are both into. Right now, that’s a run through of The Office!

From the couch: Occasionally I feel the need actually get out of bed (I know, what?). I still enjoy a good Netflix binge, though, so watching some shows from the couch is one way that my guy and I hang together. Of course, this is also prime cuddle time with Thor pup.

Thor is always a great sick day companion.

When I’m sick: Maybe it’s just habit at this point, but any time I’m sick, I tend to just fall into bed and watch Netflix. It doesn’t take too much effort, and watching my favorite shows is like chicken soup for the brain.

When I’m working on household tasks: Again, I really like the background noise of my favorite sitcoms. At this point I have most of Tina’s jokes memorized. I especially like watching Netflix while doing laundry. It’s such a mindless task, and I enjoy the chance to catch up on my favorite shows!

Well, those are a few of my favorite ways to Netflix and chill. What are some of yours? You can see more Fandom Friday posts over at The Nerdy Girlie or by searching the hashtag #5FandomFriday.

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