Commission Notes: Saitama (One Punch Man)

Completed: August 2018 Hours Spent: 30-ish Purchased Pieces:  Base boots - Funtasma Belt buckle - Amazon We Love Colors - Men's gloves Patterns Used:  Kwik Sew Men's Spandex Leotard and Pants - 3029 Super Helpful Tutorials:  Glove Topper Tutorial Inset Corners Cape Tutorial Spandex 101 How I Made it:  Ahhhh, this was such a fun build! … Continue reading Commission Notes: Saitama (One Punch Man)

Commission Notes: Super Sailor Moon

Completed: February 2017 Hours Spent: About 40 hours How I made it: I know, I know. ANOTHER FUKU. I keep promising myself/y'all that I'm going to cool it with these, but apparently they're becoming one of my staples. For a long time I told myself I wouldn't take Super Moon commissions since I definitely prefer the gradient dyeing … Continue reading Commission Notes: Super Sailor Moon

10 Essential Tips for First Time Commissioners

1. Be brutally honest with yourself: Before starting commissions, you absolutely need to ask yourself the following questions: What am I willing to do? Are you good with wigs? What about foam? Or resin? Or leather? The idea here is to ask yourself what type of work you excel at and emphasize it. For example, … Continue reading 10 Essential Tips for First Time Commissioners

Costume Notes: Stanley Tweedle

Completed: December 2014 Hours Spent: Around 20 hours Why This Costume: This was a commission request from a friend of a friend. I'm still learning how to fit for guys, so it seemed like a good opportunity to practice those skills along with learning some new ones. How I made it: When I started this … Continue reading Costume Notes: Stanley Tweedle