Costume Notes: Stanley Tweedle

FotorCreatedCompleted: December 2014

Hours Spent: Around 20 hours

Why This Costume: This was a commission request from a friend of a friend. I’m still learning how to fit for guys, so it seemed like a good opportunity to practice those skills along with learning some new ones.

How I made it: When I started this commission, I didn’t intend to do a blog post on it, but I had such a hard time finding ANY information on this costume. Hopefully this will help other Lexx fans.

front and back
Front and back of the coveralls.

This costume has 2 main components to it: the hat and the coveralls (with a belt). I made the coveralls out of a twill duponi using Kwik Sew 3389 as a base. I did have to make a couple of alterations. The main alteration was to draft a shawl collar to replace the double lapel. To create a plain back, I folded over the back pattern pieces and combined them with yoke. Once my pieces were all combined, I traced over them to create a new back piece. I took the same approach to eliminate the slash pockets on the pants.

One thing to note about this pattern: apparently Kwik Sew seems to think that dudes have the shoulders of line backers *with* shoulder pads. Since my commissioner was located in another city, I used my boyfriend as a quasi-dressform. In the end, I took 3 full inches off of the shoulders.

Close up of the pocket details. The silver strip on the right breast is unstitched at the top to allow my commissioner a space to attach his ID badge.
Close up of the pocket details. The silver strip on the right breast is unstitched at the top to allow my commissioner a space to attach his ID badge.

The pockets were an interesting challenge. To make the left breast pocket accurate, I drafted a flap pocket. It’s quite a bit of work, but the result is very snazzy. I’m definitely incorporating this into my  jacket project. The pockets on the legs are just top-stitched rectangles with silver ripstop nylon on the the top edges.

2014-11-30 14.43.44
Audiobook + hand embroidery = best road trip I’ve had in ages.

I came up with the hat pattern using this tutorial, but I only used interfacing to stiffen the outer pieces. The 4 on the front is my first attempt at embroidery. Craftsy has a great video class on basic embroidery techniques. Hand embroidery very time consuming (the 4 took me about 3 hours, including a failed first attempt), so fortunately it was a nice way to pass time on recent Thanksgiving road trip. Still, the experience definitely convinced me to invest in an embroidery machine to make Lulu’s “lace” applique (among other things). I don’t think I have the patience to do all that nonsense by hand. I also lined the hat and trimmed it in ripstop nylon.

misc details
A few miscellaneous details. TL: I made the belt by doubling the waistband piece and adding a few inches. TR: The snap was something I hadn’t done before. This tutorial was quite helpful. BL: I slip stitched the collar since there’s not a facing for this pattern. BR: Hat lining.

Thoughts on this costume: Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this costume. This wasn’t an overly difficult project, but it was a good chance to practice some skills.

Are any of you Lexx fans? Who’s your favorite character? 


9 thoughts on “Costume Notes: Stanley Tweedle

    1. Thanks! I was just so surprised to not find anything on it. I knew the show had more of a cult following, but sometimes those have *more* costume breakdowns than mainstream shows. Oh well. Hopefully it’ll be useful for someone!

  1. I love Lexx! Have a hard time picking just ONE fav character!
    But I would love the dress the first zev has (Eva Habermann) ( and I actually helped her during a film with her riding and horses 🙂 )

  2. Love this. I’m sitting here in some bright red overalls and “I could make this into a Stanley Tweedle costume” popped into my head. Then i found your article.

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