Costume Notes: Avengers Academy Captain Marvel

Completed: April 2019

Hours Spent: 15-ish

Debuted: Dallas Film Society’s High School Day

Why This Costume: This costume has been on my back burner wish list for quite some time. I really enjoyed the Avengers Academy game while it was out (it’s dead now, sadly), and Carol’s initial outfit appealed to me since it looked like a set of comfy but recognizable workout clothes! I even bought fabric for this outfit, but then Pinecrest fabric asked if I had an interest in reviewing one of their new collections and I jumped at the opportunity. The review is at the end of this write-up!

Purchased Pieces: 

Patterns Used: 

Super Helpful Tutorials: 

How I Made it: 


I debated on how I wanted this suit to work for a little while before settling on a base leotard and leggings. Initially I thought I’d do a sleeveless zip-up top, but ultimately I settled on a leotard so that 1) the top wouldn’t ride up as I was wearing it, and 2) the leotard by itself could work for a cosplay swimsuit!


The first piece I worked on was the bodysuit. I used a modified version of Yaya Han’s bodysuit pattern since I’ve made it several times before. I blended out the underbust seams and marked the angle and depth of the color blocking based on my comic book Captain Marvel. Since I didn’t have to worry about stripes for this costume, that was a quick step. Once the pieces were cut and seam allowances added, I sewed this up with yellow stretch piping between the blue and yellow for an extra pop of color. I also quickly drafted some basic yellow bands to finish off the arms and match my reference. For the collar, I extended the piece by 2 inches and cut the neck as two pieces rather than a single folded piece. It closes with a large snap.


My test run of the star has a leather base from an old Captain Marvel jacket I had on hand. I sprayed it with 3M 77 spray adhesive and pressed some of the remaining yellow spandex on it. From there, I carefully cut around the points, folding over the fabric edges and securing them with hot glue. The star attaches to the suit with velcro.


The pants were slightly more tricky, but that’s mostly due to the waistband. Thankfully, Sewaholic has a great tutorial on the process (linked above)! I opted to use this waistband since it had a pocket large enough for a cell phone and I’ve also had this pattern in my stash for AGES. The seams on the Pacific pants are cute and flattering, but I opted to use the Simplicity pattern so that I could put piping in the side seam. I finished the pants off with a red cuff for a speedy and clean look.


Pinecrest Fabic Review: 

As I mentioned at the start of this post, a big reason this cosplay happened is because of Pinecrest Fabric. When they reached out and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their material, I jumped at the opportunity (who doesn’t want fabric?).

The red and blue used in this build are the coolest part; they’re made from recycled bottle caps! Cosplay isn’t exactly eco-friendly, and I loved the idea of using sustainable materials. I didn’t notice any difference in moisture wicking, fit, opacity, or comfort compared to other spandex materials I often used, and the materials are nice and matte, which I prefer for my builds. The recovery is great, which is critical for a fitted spandex piece!

All in all, I highly recommend this material, especially if you’re looking to make more eco-conscious purchases for your builds! You can find Pinecrest fabrics for sale by the yard at

Thoughts on this Build: 

This is such a comfy build. I’m so glad I finally got around to making it! I want to make a few small tweaks to it, mainly getting a different wig and making a new star, but overall I’m pretty pleased with this build and can’t wait to wear it to more cons! And give it a proper photoshoot.


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