Tofino Pants – Wearable Muslin

As promised, here is an overview of the Tofino pants! I’m apologize for the wrinkles in this one. But in all fairness, I wore these all weekend and they need to go through the wash. So… they’re already loved? Okay, enough justifying.

The Basics:

Pattern: Sewaholic Tofino, view B

Fabric: 2~ yards of blue cotton leftover from my Belle dress.

Alterations: I skipped the piping and the drawstring belt since I just wanted to see how it fit.

Time: A little less than 2 hours.

Notions: Scrap pieces of 1″ elastic

Make it again? Definitely. I’d love to make a pair for lounging around over the holidays (maybe in purple?) and I have a Fluttershy-themed pair planned.

Favorite parts: Comfy, comfy, comfy 🙂 And easy! The pattern instructions are quite clear, but if you want a little extra help, checkout the Tofino sew-along.

Other thoughts: This was a marvelously quick project. I worked on it Friday after wrapping up my Belle costume. Since the pattern is designed more for pear-shapes, I had to play with sizing  bit. I sewed a size 16 waistband and a size 14 leg, but I think I can go down to a straight 14. Possibly 12. I might go with a 12 for my Fluttershy pants since I want those to be a bit more fitted.

The length was a pleasant surprise as well. Most pants in general fall about 1-2 inches short on me. I’m 5’11”, so I expect it. I didn’t add any length on these just so I could see how much I need to add. These fall right below my knees, which is perfect.

Verdict: go buy Tofino and make all the PJ pants! I’ll try to add more photos when I wear them again so you guys get a better idea of the fit.

Tofino pants side view

You can't really see it, but there's a faux fly on the front.
You can’t really see it, but there’s a faux fly on the front.
It's a little difficult to see with this fabric, but those side panels are where the piping would go.
It’s a little difficult to see with this fabric, but those side panels are where the piping would go.

On a side note, I decided to hold off on my Marvel dress. I have a few days off with the holiday next week, so I’m planning to make it then. I’ll be wearing my lovely Rogue longline corset from Castle Corsetry to the con after-party instead. Since I have some time freed up, I’m making a hollowed out book to use as a purse on Saturday. I’ll post that once I’m finished!

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