Holiday Gift Sewing

I decided to sew a few things for various people over the holidays. Pretty much people that I have no idea what else to get them, so something handmade seems more appropriate than a giftcard or a hug. One of these people is my boyfriend’s mother, who I will be meeting for the first time over the holidays. Please excuse me while I go have a mini-panic attack.

Okay, so, what to make? Well, I’ve mentioned my love of Craftsy before. They’ve got a lot of great free mini-lessons, so I finally sat down and made a reversible tote. The BF has mentioned his mom’s love of wine, so I found some cute wine-themed quilting cotton and matching brown and red fabrics. All in all, the fabric cost about $15.

Photo Dec 14, 7 48 57 AM

Photo Dec 14, 7 48 42 AM

It’s a pretty straightforward project, only taking about an hour or so. I particularly like the boxed edges on the bottom. The only thing that didn’t make sense was the pocket. I mucked mine up and didn’t have enough fabric to re-do, so I just skipped it. Next time!

The tutorial also includes a zipper-bag if you want to make a matching one. I’m definitely planning to revisit this tutorial for some character-themed con bags. Wonder Woman and Rogue are first up on the list.

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