Kicking off 2014

Long time, no post! Completely accidental. I got completely sidetracked by visits to family over the holidays (my family and the BF’s), as well as getting caught up on things around home.

Main vacation distraction: The BF’s family lives on a farm and two of their dogs had puppies while we were there. Aren’t they adorable???

I really wasn’t expecting any gifts this year. My family and I haven’t really exchanged gifts in a while, so I was completely floored when I visited my boyfriend’s family and his mom gifted me with a serger, notions, and about 20 yards of various fabrics, mostly wools. Apparently she used to be sewing enthusiast, but she hasn’t been able to sew in years and felt like the materials would get more use with me. All I can say is yay and thanks! I sent the grey fabric off to the dry cleaners for pre-treatment and the serger to my local shop, Mr. Sewing Machine, for maintenance and an adjustment. I can’t wait to get busy working on both! The grey wool is getting turned into this jacket that I’ve been eyeing for months.

Before Christmas, I posted about some of my sewing related goals for the new year. I’ve started making headway on a few of them. My season two version of Korra is about 80% complete. I got the top mostly done before I left for the holidays, then put the final touches on it while watching some documentaries over the weekend (go check out Miss Representation and Blackfish if you haven’t already. Both are on Netflix and so informative). I’ve been working on other bits and pieces this week, like the belt and arm warmers. I love the arm warmers! The pattern is from Smarmy Clothes with about 6″ added to the top. I think I may have to make another pair of these for casual wear. There are a few small things that I need to finish before SciFi Expo in February, but they shouldn’t take too long. I tried the whole thing on yesterday and it was soooooo comfy. I can’t wait to wear this!

Finished Korra top. No hem because I was a dumb-dumb and forgot to add length while cutting. Silly long torso. But it’s a knit (no fraying) and I’m planning to tuck it into my pants anyway.

I’ve also been working on gathering materials for a Black Cat costume. This is mostly a stashbusting project. I commissioned another catsuit from Meredith Placko. I’m also planning to use it for a Black Widow costume later this year. I have the gloves and white wig in my stash for other costumes and I have just enough Worbla to make a face mask. All I have to finish up are my boot covers and a few other minor accessories.

I’m making some headway on my garment goals too! On Monday, my bestie introduced me to the fabric shops on Harry Hines. Fabric heaven, guys. I don’t think I’ll be able to buy fabric from JoAnn’s or Hancock for a while. Lots of quality fabric for really affordable prices. I picked up some green and white spandex for Rogue and my Black Cat boots as well as some heavily discounted suiting for some work clothes.

Sadly, my sew/staycation is drawing to a close, but I’m looking forward to getting back into my normal groove and gearing up for con season! Have you guys been working on new projects?

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