Birthday, birthday, birthday

My sew/staycation is officially over, but I can’t fully jump back into my normal groove without mentioning my birthday! - Congratulations on not being remotely young enough to be picked for the Hunger Games

I like to tease my family and say that all of January is dedicated to my birthday. Having a birthday just a week and a half after Christmas means that many times family meetups for the holidays overrode a birthday party. I normally don’t mind since I’m a massive introvert and parties are typically my special brand of hell. The BF did surprise me with some fun activities for the day.

We started off exploring a new restaurant (to us, anyway): the AllGood Cafe. I really enjoyed this place. It’s got a very Austin vibe with some really interesting menu selections. I went with a Texas Omlette for brunch, which is just a standard cheese omlette but with chili! Sooooooo tasty.

The AllGood Cafe is right next to the Dallas Pinup Shop, which has a lot of vintage inspired dresses and fashion. It was a good thing they weren’t open when we stopped by, because I was already tempted to break my resolution of not buying any new clothing this year.

In the evening, we went to Fort Worth and had dinner at Cantina Laredo. So much delicious food. I really love Tex-Mex, and their table-side guacamole was phenomenal. Also, this drink.

Hello, friends.
Hello, friends. Also, tiny shot of delicious guacamole.

It’s called the Three Amigos and comes with tequila, a Corona, and a margarita. Very, very tasty.

After dinner, we headed to the Bass Performance Hall for SciFi Spectacular, a concert of science fiction music from music and television. It was performed by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and narrated by (wait for it…) George Takei!


I decided to re-wear my Star Wars dress for the occasion. The BF did give me a heads-up, so I fixed the terrible hem. I think it looks much better now.

There were so many great selections at the concert. One of my favorites was the Cantina Theme from Star Wars. Apparently the orchestra had only recently gotten the music for it, so it wasn’t even listed in the program.

Hanging out before the concert.
Hanging out before the concert.

I wrapped up my birthday weekend with a family brunch on Sunday. We went to one of my favorite breakfast restaurants, The Original Pancake House (I like breakfast, guys). My family knows me so well. This was one of my gifts from them.

Best wine ever.
Best wine ever.

Overall, it was a great birthday. The BF’s birthday isn’t until September, but I’m in major planning mode since it’s one of those “milestone” birthdays for him. A trip may be in order.

Do you guys have any big plans for your birthdays?

And to wrap this up, have some Cantina Theme music.

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