2014 Sewing Goals Addendum

I know, I know. We’re not even two weeks into the new year and I’m already modifying my goals? Well, not really. I’ve had a few internal sewing goals that I haven’t really vocalized yet. But I’m seeing a lot of nifty challenges and pledges going around the sewing blog-o-sphere, so why not?

Ready-to-Wear Fasting


I’m jumping on this one informally since I missed the deadline (oops). I’m not particularly keen on ready-to-wear fashions. It’s hard to find RTW fashions that I feel comfortable in and that actually flatter my body, which is part of the reason I’ve really embraced sewing. Over the holidays, I finished reading Overdressed, which discusses the state of the fashion industry and fast fashion in particular. It reinforced a lot of my ideas concerning fashion and gave me the kick in the pants I need to sew my own wardrobe.

Stash Diet 2014

graphic badge smaller

I have a problem with buying ALL the fabric because LOOK IT’S PRETTY! Or I get overly ambitious and buy stuff for projects that, if I’m being realistic, I know will never happen. While I don’t have a massive horde and actually need to clear out the cheap/ugly crap, I do want to be more prudent about what I buy in the future. I have two main goals with this:

  • I will not buy new fabric without a specific (reasonable) project in mind.
  • I will not buy new patterns (though I’m happy to accept gifts :D)

That last one is going to hurt, but it’s a necessary evil, especially since Tasia is releasing several new patterns this year (*cries*). When I first started sewing, one of my friends gifted me about 40 patterns that were tossed in a dumpster while another friend was working at Hobby Lobby (confused yet?). On top of that, I’ve raided many a $.99 pattern sale at Hancock and JoAnn’s. Let’s also not forget the independent pattern makers. I have several patterns from Colette, Sewaholic, and Gertie’s first book patiently waiting to be sewn. I’m bursting at the seams (whomp whomp) with patterns. If I need a pattern for cosplay, then this is my chance to learn how to draft my own. Or not. This may change my costume lineup šŸ˜›

Make a Garment a Month Challenge


Well, this obviously lines up with not buying any RTW for the next year. My aim is to make a minimum of one garment per month, but I may make more if time allows. A girl’s still gotta sleep.

The Monthly Stitch Challenges


Another challenge that will mostly overlap with my other ones. I like viewing what others have come up with, but the thing that got me on board is that February is pants month, and I’m in dire need of new trousers!

Okay, that’s more than enough to get me going. I’m working on a few projects at the moment, so hopefully I’ll be able to share pics of finished results within the next week or so!

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