Tutorial Tuesday: Creating a two-tone wig

Time to share another tutorial! Last week, I decided to update my Rogue costume for an upcoming con. One majorly needed change is the wig. I just have not had much luck with this (see here and here for examples of how *not* to do Rogue hair), so I was really, really nervous about cutting into one of my favorite wigs. While making my Rogue jacket, I discovered that Cathy of God Save the Queen Fashions had a great flickr tutorial on making a Rogue wig.

Basically, you take two of the same style wig in different colors, cut off the lace top, and sew the two together. Nerve-wracking, but do-able. Here’s an under-the-hood shot:

wig base
Base of the wig. I sewed these together with a really nasty whip stitch.

The big take-away for this project is to make sure the base of your wigs are the same or that you can get them to match up well. That’s where I messed up with my first Rogue wig. It was two Party City wigs that looked as cheap as they were. This wig is two Ferraris from Arda. One in an auburn color (I can’t remember the exact shade) and the other in Pure White. It makes the top of the wig very white-heavy, but that works well for another version of Rogue I’m planning on doing in the future.

complete wig

If you want to see a video of this process, Arda just released a great tutorial of this process on their YouTube channel.

Happy wig-making!

Also, for those of you who are curious, I have come up with a solution for my pencil skirt situation. I’ll post it when I’m finished! Hopefully in the next few days.

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