Costume Notes: Fluttershy (MLP)

Flutter-style 🙂

Completed: March 2014

Hours Spent: 10ish? My sewing machine foot pedal broke halfway through making the dress 😛

Debuted: All-Con 2014

Why This Costume: I originally planned to make Fluttershy to wear with a friend’s Pinkie Pie as a fun and comfortable costume. I’ve worn Rainbow Dash in the past, but I adore Fluttershy. She’s just so cute!

How I made it: The construction of this was pretty simple but also allowed me to play with some fun DIY tutorials. The dress is a Sewaholic Cambie, view B. This is my 5th version of this dress, so I have it down pretty well now. The main fabric is a cotton butter-yellow eyelet from Fashion Fabrics Club. I underlined the bodice and lined the skirt with a poly lining from the same place. I lined the bodice with some scrap muslin. I opted to skip pockets on this dress since the fabric was so sheer.

2014-03-03 21.08.58

I had plenty of scrap fabric left, so I made some DIY shoe clips, a bow belt, and a bow clutch. I also wanted to have some pretty shoes for this dress, so I made a pair of pink glitter shoes using this tutorial. The shoes held up pretty well overall, but the flats were in pretty bad condition before I doctored them. There were a couple of clumpy and cracked places that I’ll need to touch up before I wear them again.

2014-03-12 08.54.52-3

Ears and wings came from Yaya Han’s online store. I’m not a big fan of the black strap on the ears, so I may make a headband to hide them. The wig is from Epic Cosplay. Angel is from Zoobliez! I adore him. The contacts are from PinkyParadise.

Thoughts on this costume: I’m always surprised by how much love ponies get at cons. Several people I ran into were so happy to see Fluttershy! I do love having a solid comfy go-to costume. You’ll more than likely see this one again. If not the whole outfit, then certainly the dress!

Hanging out with Rainbow Dash!
Uh… Is this supposed to come off?

5 thoughts on “Costume Notes: Fluttershy (MLP)

  1. This turned out so adorable! I love seeing your process since you’re a much better seamstress than I am 🙂 It’s really interesting that you’ve made several dresses with this pattern but they all look so distinctive!

    I love MLP costumes because you can do your own thing with them. You don’t have to worry about accuracy!

    1. Thanks! This pattern really holds a special place in my sewing heart. It’s the first pattern I really learned something on. Each one has taught me something new! I keep telling myself to retire the pattern (I’ve lost several of the original pieces), but now I want to make a peplum top. Hmmm…

      Agreed! MLP costumes are totally the best 🙂

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