MMMay Week 1: May 1-7

As promised, here’s a round-up of my me-made creations from the first week of May!

I kicked off the month with my new Mabel skirt. I had Friday off of work, so I paired it with one of my old college shirts for a leisurely day of food trucks and fabric shopping.

mabel skirt
Such comfort. Much booty. Wow.

My next self-made wear was on Saturday, May 3rd, also known as Free Comic Book Day! I had to work all day (plays world’s smallest violin), but I still wanted to share my geek pride. I opted to wear my Marvel Macaron with a black cardigan. It went over quite well. Several of my co-workers and the weekend police officers liked it.

I can’t decide whether the pattern placement of Thor’s hand is brilliant or terrible. I’m going with the first.

Mabel got another wear on May 5th. This time, I wore it with a black cowl neck tank and a blue cardigan. This may be my favorite work outfit to date. It’s so comfortable but still manages to look put together. I definitely have plans to make more Mabels and more knit tops over the summer.

mabel front
Occasionally I dress like a grown-up.

I completely forgot to document this the day of, but I also wore my Renfrew on Wednesday, May 7th. I wore it with a RTW black knit maxi and a purple cardigan. I’m still quite fond of my Renfrew, but I really want to make another version that’s a bit lighter and more fitted.

That wraps up my first week of Me-Made-May 2014! I’m hoping to wrangle out a new knit dress this week, so hopefully it’ll be in the rotation as well. Are any of you participating in MMMay this year? How’s your challenge going so far?

4 thoughts on “MMMay Week 1: May 1-7

  1. Love the looks! All my made items are too warm for May…I’ll just have to use my dish and dust cloths until I make a lighter sweater or scarf!

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