Fandom Friday: My Convention Wishlist

IMG_0731Happy Friday! Con season officially kicks off for me next month with Fan Days, so I thought I’d join today’s Fandom Friday topic and share some of the conventions I’d love to attend. (Also, I promise more sewing posts starting next week!)

1. San Diego Comic Con: I feel like SDCC is nerd mecca. You’ve got to make the pilgrimage at least once. SDCC has been on my con wishlist since I was a teen, and well before I had even heard of cosplay. I visited San Diego many years ago when my brother graduated from boot camp, and loved the location and the weather. While I do prefer slightly smaller cons, I’d love to attend just once to get the experience and hear all the big news in person. And play I spy the celebrity.

2. New York Comic Con: Another con that I feel like most nerds need to visit just once. I’ve heard that it’s a smaller scale version of SDCC, though it seems like that’s not really the case anymore. Again, I’d love to see some of the big name guests and hear all the big news in an amazing locale.

3. Colassalcon: Comic con at a water park. SOLD! I saw so many incredible water themed costume photo shoots from Colassalcon. It looked like so much fun! Plus, there’s a zoo with baby tigers. Yes, please.

4. Anime Expo: Anime Expo is the biggest anime and manga convention in North America and the second longest running anime convention in the country. Anime is a big part of why I got into cosplay, so I’d love to make the trip out there for this amazing convention! There’s always so many amazing costumes. Plus, I’d love to visit Los Angeles!

5. PAX: I’ve never attended a primarily gaming convention before, and this seems like the con to attend! I was hoping to make it to PAX South next weekend, but getting a new puppy put a damper on that plan. The puppy is adorable, though, so it’s totally worth waiting for another one to roll around. Maybe in Seattle πŸ™‚


Dragon Con: I went back in 2012, and it was AMAZING. So many incredible costumes and lots of fun programming. Plus, all the nerdy parties and gatherings! I’d love to go back, especially if I ever get out of the education field. Labor Day weekend is a difficult weekend for me to take a vacation since the fall semester starts that week. Still, I will make it back one day!

What conventions are on your wishlist?

14 thoughts on “Fandom Friday: My Convention Wishlist

  1. I love NYCC and SDCC. They both offer something amazing but you can’t beat that San Diego weather! I’d love to make it to DragonCon one day too!

    1. I’m so jealous that you’ve been to both! And agreed, San Diego weather is absolutely fantastic.

      Dragon Con is so much fun! There was so much that I missed last time that I’d definitely make time for with a repeat visit. Like rum buckets!

  2. I’d love to go back to PAX (I went in 2008 as my first ever convention and just for a day). Emerald City Comic Con or New York Comic Con are more likely for me than the BIG SDCC. But I think the TOP of my list is actually GENCON in Indianapolis, since it is so board game focused. Let me know if you ever head back to DragonCon, would love to meet up!

  3. You have so many cons over there πŸ™‚ So lucky. There are only around 3 near me every year and i get so excited for them.

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