Summer 2015 Sewing Projects

Summer is finally in full swing here, and all that crazy rain Texas was getting is a distant memory. Well, at least it is where I am.

Summer is one of my busier times in terms of cons and cosplay, and the last two months have been no exception. I realized recently that I haven’t sewn any non-cosplay garments for myself this year, and I miss it. While I enjoy sewing costumes and commissions, I also love sewing up geeky dresses and clothes just for fun. And to be honest, I’m a little burned out on cosplay at the moment. Fortunately, I’m coming up on a brief break in cosplay and commission projects, so I’m hoping to make the following non-cosplay things:

1. A craft apron


I picked up this sewing-themed fabric several months ago, and my first thought was to make a craft apron. They’re so cute! This would be great for running around and working on crafts at home, and very useful when I eventually get around to my goal of selling at fairs and cons.

2. Gabriola Skirt

1401_Sewaholic_Gabriola_skirt_front__65008.1405347492.1280.1280I mentioned at the end of lastΒ  year that I really wanted to add a pretty maxi skirt to my collection. While I love things like skater dresses, it’s nice to have a swishy skirt on hand, especially now that we’re in decidedly in non-trouser and non-leggings weather. I’d love to make this in a soft, flowing fabric like a linen blend.

3. Davie Dress

1503_Sewaholic_Davie_Envelope__98130.1425076640.1280.1280Another dress I’ve wanted since I first saw the design! I love a good knit dress pattern for work and fun, and this is a beautiful design! It’s perfect for how I normally dress and still casual enough to hit happy hour after work. I’d love to make 1 or 2 of these in the coming weeks. Maybe one in the black/grey combination used for the sample and another in lighter summer colors. I’m definitely making the sleeveless one!

I’m trying not to take on too many projects, since I want to take my time and really enjoy sewing just for me. Really, these projects are all about getting me back to my sewing roots and doing this crazy hobby just for fun.

What’s on your summer crafting list?

12 thoughts on “Summer 2015 Sewing Projects

  1. I love the fabric, do you mind checking who designed it or telling me where you got it? I’d love to have a sewing maching cover made from it!

    And I think that sewing should be at least somehow recreational, so cut down your job sewing to a minimum and make something you’ll love!

  2. The rain has been a little crazy here in the south. But here in North Louisiana it is crazy hot — summer has a arrived. The Davie dress is darling and I love the maxi skirt. I want to sew up the Cambie and a kitschy print!

  3. I have just recently gotten into sewing! I am making an armor box for my friends STAR WARS trooper gear, and want to craft some easy headbands!

    1. Welcome to the world of sewing! Simple projects like headbands are a great way to start practicing those basic skills that you’ll wind up using all the time. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! πŸ™‚

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