Summer 2015 Sewing Projects

Summer is finally in full swing here, and all that crazy rain Texas was getting is a distant memory. Well, at least it is where I am. Summer is one of my busier times in terms of cons and cosplay, and the last two months have been no exception. I realized recently that I haven't … Continue reading Summer 2015 Sewing Projects

Mabel #2: All About that Bass

Say hello to Mabel #2! The Basics:  Pattern: Colette Mabel, version 3. Fabric: Approximately 1 yd. of navy ponte de roma leftover from my first Lady Skater. Alterations: Added 1″ length Notions: Thread and Wundertape. Make it again?: Definitely. I'd like to make 1-2 more of these for work and the mini version for fun at some point. Maybe out of … Continue reading Mabel #2: All About that Bass

November Challenge: Lady Skater-frew

Say hello to my latest skater baby: the Lady Skater-frew! The Basics:  Pattern: Lady Skater and Sewaholic Renfrew Fabric: 3 yds of ponte de roma from Girl Charlee Alterations: Blended bodice patterns together and added 3" length to skirt. Notions: Elastic and Wundertape. Make it again?: I'll definitely make another Lady Skater, though I'm not … Continue reading November Challenge: Lady Skater-frew

September Challenge: All About That Polka

Dots, that is. As promised, here's Lady Skater #2! Better late than never, right? The Basics:  Pattern: Lady Skater with cap sleeves Fabric: 2 yds of B&W polka dot ponte de roma from Girl Charlee Alterations: Added 1" length to bodice and 3" length to skirt. Notions: Elastic. Make it again?: Yup. I've got a … Continue reading September Challenge: All About That Polka

She’s Just a Skater Girl, pt. 2

I can't help it. Every time I think "skater dress," this some comes to mind. I know, I'm terrible. It's high school coming back to haunt me. I made McCall's 6754 a few month's ago, and I really like it. Well, I like the dress itself for its comfort, but the fabric is just meh. … Continue reading She’s Just a Skater Girl, pt. 2

She’s just a skater girl

Back to regular posting! A-Kon was a blast, but I'm really, really excited that my next big con isn't until the end of August. I'm planning to attend A-fest for a day and another smaller con in July, but I don't currently have anything new planned for those. My apartment has been a cos-disaster for … Continue reading She’s just a skater girl

May Challenge: Maybe it’s Mabel(ine)

Remember back in March/April when Colette announced they were releasing knit patterns? I squealed with joy. I was looking for an excuse to play with knits more. This is partly out of a desire to build a more functional wardrobe, but also so that I could practice using my serger for something other than finishing seams. … Continue reading May Challenge: Maybe it’s Mabel(ine)