Colette Moneta

Viva Las Vegas! I went to Vegas last weekend for a work conference and wore my Moneta for our first night out. Very comfy considering the insane heat. 110 degrees is ridiculous.

Not going to lie, I am really excited to have some non-cosplay projects on my table right now. I really enjoy making costumes, but it’s nice to have a break every now and then.

To keep things simple, I decided to make Colette’s Moneta with a reversible knit I picked up a few months ago. I originally purchased the fabric intending to make a Lady Skater (which I just purchased, thanks to Indie Pattern Month), but then Colette announced their new knit patterns. I pre-ordered  them, and that’s that.

Apologies for the mostly dress form pics. I’m in the process of moving and realized the pics my BF took in Vegas are mostly blurry. But anywho, front view!

The Basics: 

Pattern: Colette Moneta, View B

Fabric: 2 yds of a midweight reversible knit.

Alterations: None. I cut a straight L based on my high bust measurement.

Notions: Clear elastic.

Side view. That derpy fold of fabric is the pocket. Apologies for the wrinkles as well. This is just out of the dryer.
Side view. That derpy fold of fabric is the pocket. Apologies for the wrinkles as well. This is just out of the dryer.

Make it again?: Maybe. I’m not over the moon about this pattern, but I’d like to give it one more go with some alterations.

Favorite parts: Comfort, quick finish (around 4-5 hours).

Other thoughts: It took me a few wears to come around on this dress, though I mostly blame the print. It was a bad choice, but I fell victim to one of my “Oh, cute fabric!” whims. There are a lot of really cute versions of this pattern in the sewing blog-o-sphere, but I don’t think mine is one of them.

I decided pretty quickly that this project would be a wearable muslin. Normally, I’d go ahead and add length to the bodice right off the bat, but I only had 2 yds since that’s what I would have needed with the Lady Skater. Turns out, I really needed that length with this pattern, since it hits much higher on the waist than I like. I’m okay with things sitting at my natural waist, but this hits me closer on the ribcage. It kind of feels like maternity wear, which makes me super self-conscious.

Rear view. I do like the lower back. And look at that gathering! It almost makes the time worth the effort. Just kidding. I’m lazy. Totally doing this on the serger next time.

I’ve seen mixed reviews about the gathering process on the skirt. I gathered my skirt before attaching the elastic, but I think in future versions, I’ll just gather it on my serger with the elastic. Switching machines in the middle of a quickie project is super annoying (#firstworldproblems), so sticking to one machine for the bulk of a project seems a better solution.

Speaking of switching around machines, the hem gave me fits. I originally thought that I’d just do a rolled hem on this dress since it’s more of a weekend/play dress, but my serger and I had many disagreements. I ultimately gave up and used my twin-needle to finish it off like my neck and sleeves.

Back view on me. It’s still high enough to cover my back tattoos, but just enough for a little peak of skin.

Overall, this is a quick, instant gratification project. I’ll probably give it another go in a solid or a more subdued print and add length to the bodice and hem. I’d also add bands to the neck and sleeves for an easier finish IMHO. And ditch the pockets. I like the idea of them, but they drove me crazy while wearing this dress.

Since my fabric is reversible, I used the striped side to make the pockets.

Have you guys made this pattern yet? What are your thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Colette Moneta

  1. It’s sad that you don’t like it, because I think it’s really cute on you. I’ve made three Monetas so far and love each one of them. I do see the issues with the pattern, however. It’s not perfect and there are lots of other ones like it on the market (like the Lady Skater). For me, it works and is available in my size (I’m 2XL). Initially, I heard great reviews, but now there are a few criticisms like yours popping out into the blogosphere. It’s good to hear about them, though, as they give advice to those that are trying it out for the first time. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Andie. Honestly, I really wanted to like it, especially after loving my Mabel. I do think that my fabric selection was part of the issue, but I also think it’s going to require a lot of tweaking to look good on me. I don’t mind that with a woven, but I jump into most knit patterns in the instant gratification mindset. I do love that they offered the Moneta and Mabel in XL sizes!

      1. It’s funny because that’s what I look for in a knit too! No stress, easy sewing. I hope you tackle it again in the future. 🙂

  2. Oooh I love how the pocket is striped on the inside! I love the color & polka dots, it looks really good on you 🙂

  3. I made it for my 17 year old daughter and really, it looked like the old Lands End play dresses she used to wear, kind of frumpy. I’m currently casting about for a simple way to change the skirt to a less gathered look. I’ll also shorten the sleeves a good deal. I was bummed b/c I generally love Collette patterns.

      1. I ended up using the Lady Skater skirt. I’ve not used that pattern yet otherwise, so I’ll have to try it and see which bodice works better. We used super cute fox fabric from Girl Charlie

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