WIP: June Edition

Well, I was hoping to blog about my new Moneta today, but I just realized I don’t have any pictures. Derp. Hopefully that’ll be up next week sometime.

Instead, have some costume progress! I’m working on a couple of different costumes at the moment, so here’s a brief look at my line-up for the rest of the summer:

Marvel Now Rogue: 70%

In my continued efforts to make a new Rogue every year I cosplay, have Rogue’s latest costume. This is a fairly simple costume, and I’ve had most of the materials on hand for about 6 months. I drafted out the changes I needed to make to my existing patterns a few weeks ago (when I thought I’d be able to squeeze this in for Dallas Comic Con), so most of this came together in one afternoon. I still need to finish up a few things, but she’s almost ready to go. I’m planning to debut this costume at the North Texas Comic Book Show in July.


Bombshell Wonder Woman: 90%

I feel like I’m constantly updating this costume. I’d like to remake my shorts since they’re starting to fray and make a new headband. I’m hoping to setup a proper photoshoot of this costume at A-Fest in August.

2014-06-07 11.37.30

Sailor Jupiter: 25%

My girl! I’m super, super stoked to be a sailor senshi. I originally planned to debut this costume at A-Kon, but I ran out of time and I wasn’t happy with my progress or skirt fabric. I’ve since ordered a fuku pattern from Katherine Zan and purchased all of my accessories and supplies, save the rose hip chain from the manga which I plan to make. I’m going to devote most of July to completing this costume (and moving). I plan to debut this costume at A-fest in time for the Sailor Moon photoshoot.

2014-06-25 21_Fotor_Collage
Most of my supplies! I’m still not entirely happy with the wig, so I may order a new one. This wig is an okay match for the anime version of Jupiter though. Tiara, brooch, and boots are from Catzia and the earrings are from Etsy. 

Extra costume: Still deciding

I’d like to make one more new costume for A-fest. I’m torn between a couple of options: Chie from Persona 4, Vanessa (Ursula’s human form), Princess Jupiter, School Uniform Makoto/Jupiter, gym Nonon from Kill la Kill, and Mistress 9. All of these are fairly straight-forward projects and I have pieces for all of them except Chie (though she is pretty much my spirit animal. Max that social link!).

I’ll probably keep researching all of them and wait until August to decide. I may also just do a variation of a costume that I currently have or go with a closet cosplay. Indecision plagues me. There are too many options!

Just a few of the options I’m considering. Left to right: Mistress 9 (manga), Chie from Persona 4, Princess Jupiter, and Makoto/Jupiter in her school uniform.

What are you working on at the moment? What’s your next con?

8 thoughts on “WIP: June Edition

  1. I love Sailor Moon. I’m all for Mistress 9, or anything Sailor Jupiter. I’m playing with the idea of making a Sailor Mercury costume myself. Blue wigs for the win!

    You’re Bombshell Wondie is so awesome. I really like Stargirl’s Bombshell outfit, but I’m not sure how to make her staff. 😛


    1. Blue wigs rock! I need more crazy hair characters in my life. Thanks! I love Wondie, but I’m thinking of making a new Bombshell (and a new WW) just so I have something to rotate out. She’s gotten a lot of wear this year. Stargirl would be so cool! I’m not much of a prop person, but maybe PVC pipe?

  2. I love the Bombshell costumes, and your Wondy is great! I want to do Batgirl or Mera one day.

    Also, can I vote for Vanessa/Ursula? I’d think you’d be PERFECT!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! Love Batgirl’s and Mera’s designs too. You’d look great as either!

      Haha, thanks! I love The Little Mermaid, especially Ursula! I’m hoping to make Vanessa at some point this year regardless, since I want to practice making corsets.

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