Dallas Comic Con Wrap-Up

Better late than never, right?

In May, I attended Dallas Comic Con. This was the first time the convention was actually held in Dallas, specifically the Dallas Convention Center. I was absolutely thrilled with this, since the new location is a short taxi cab from my apartment (it’s going to be such a bummer to move).

My costume line-up for DCC.
My costume line-up for DCC.


The con kicked off on Friday afternoon. I hosted and attended with Mia, and we mostly used the evening to scope out the new location and catch up with cosplay friends. I dressed as a “casual” version of Rogue so that I could wander around and play photographer.

Bathroom selfie. Just because.
Bathroom selfie. Just because.

I was immediately impressed by how space was utilized in the new Dealer’s Room. At the Irving location, traffic jams happened on a regular basis due to people snapping pics of cosplayers as well as popular booths. That said, a few locations were less than ideal. Specifically, where comic book artists were located, but more on that in a bit.

The Cosplay Hideout (hosted by the North Texas Cosplay group) was also a welcome addition that we utilized all weekend. It was stocked with lots of cosplay repair supplies, including tape, hot glue guns, bobby pins, and pretty much anything else a cosplayer needed! It was also a welcome place to hang out and relax for a few minutes.


Saturday for me is always cosplay day! That’s when most cosplayers come out and bring the costumes they’ve spent months preparing. I wore my Ms. Marvel costume, which was surprisingly comfortable. I had hoped to make flame fists to represent Ms. Marvel’s Binary powers, but I didn’t get around to it in time. Turned out okay, since Aperture Ashely was able to photoshop that effect in for me!


I always look forward to checking out the cosplay contest on Saturdays. I’m stage shy, so I don’t compete, but checking out the costumes is always fun. DFW costumers are a really talented bunch!

me and capt marvel
Still one of my fav photos from DCC. Captain Marvel is Cerberus Productions.
With Glitzy Geek Girl as Lady Thor and Mia Moore as Ramona. Love these ladies!
With Glitzy Geek Girl as Lady Thor and Mia Moore as Ramona. Love these ladies!


I don’t often attend cons on Sunday (gotta save some energy for work on Monday :P), but DCC was still rocking! Some of their biggest panels were on Sunday, including the Firefly panel at noon. This was the main reason I attended DCC, and as a Browncoat, it made me super happy. Joss Whedon even sent a video to the con saying thank you to all the fans!

All the love, Joss, even if you do have a habit of killing characters I love.

My parents also attended DCC with me on Sunday. It was their first con, and they had a blast. I made my mom a Supergirl costume as a late Mother’s Day gift, and she really enjoyed wearing it. Now my dad wants me to make him something. And my brother. And my grandfather. *sigh*

Me and my mom :)
Me and my mom 🙂

The only really disappointing thing for me was that I’d hoped to meet Dan Slott since I just finished reading his run of She-Hulk. Trying to find him was absurd. He was hidden off in a back corner of the Dealer’s Room and by the time I found him, his line was insanely long. I instead opted to go to a friend’s panel, but it was still a bummer. The space increase was great, but I’d like to see better organization and signage in the future.

I did find LeeAnna Vamp while looking for Dan Slott. She is so pretty and super nice!
I did find LeeAnna Vamp while looking for Dan Slott. She is so pretty and super nice!

All in all, this was a great con. The new location was a much needed improvement, and I look forward to seeing more Cosplay Hideouts at future cons! Also, I need to start hosting friends more often for cons. It’s absurdly fun.

You can see more pictures from DCC on my Facebook page! I’ll get around to posting about A-Kon within the next week or so.

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