Costume Notes: Ms. Marvel

ms marvel_Fotor_Collage

Completed: May 2014

Hours Spent: 10~12~

Debuted: Dallas Comic Con 2014

Why This Costume: This costume started out as a stashbusting project. I had a little over a yard of black spandex that I got from Spandex World last year as well as some gold spandex. The easiest and most obvious answer was to make a Ms. Marvel costume!

Honestly, I resisted making this costume for a while since my first introduction was via the X-Men animated series in the ’90s and she’s painted more as a bad guy. Since getting more into comics over the last year, I picked up her greatest hits issues. She’s such a badass character and has gone through a lot of great character growth, especially in recent years and in her Captain Marvel form.

hopie chan
Of course, I caved and had to find Rogues to steal my powers. This lovely Rogue is Hopie of Twinzik Cosplay.

How I Made It: This is a fairly simple costume. If you’re into cosplay but intimidated by spandex, this is a great starter project.

I made the leotard from Kwik-Sew 3154, though the pattern now appears to be out of print. Many basic leotard patterns could work for this. I did make a couple of alterations. The pattern closes in the back at the neck with snaps and has a large hole in the back. I just cut the back straight up, ignoring the hole. I also added an invisible zip in the back. For the arms, I finished them off the same way as the leg holes, taking 3/8″ elastic and folding it over.

To measure out how large the bolt should be, I drew the outline of my leotard front on the wrong side of my gold fabric and sketched it out using a disappearing fabric pen (I swear, I had a picture of this, but it disappeared into the camera vortex). I opted to topstitch the bolt, since that’s what matched my reference image. It looks scary, but it’s not as bad as it seems. Check out this tutorial for tips on how to stabilize your fabric and stitch it down. Do remember that the top of the bolt should start on your left shoulder!

The boot covers were made using a Kwik-Sew leggings pattern and previous spandex boots as a base pattern. I stitched the boots directly to my dance tights using this tutorial. I absolutely loathe fashion tape, so this method worked out really well! To keep myself from slipping while walking around the con, I hand sewed vinyl to the bottom.

ms marvel collage

The sash is just a really long rectangle sewn together. I do think it would have looked a bit better cutting the edges at an angle for a better drape. Next time!

The mask is made from Worbla, using this tutorial. I just made a template out of craft foam and then traced it onto my Worbla. After heating it, I molded it to my face, ensuring a precise fit. Then I just spray-painted that bad boy and used a matte varnish to finish it. I attach it to my face with Spirit Gum, though I think I should add a bit of elastic as well, since I sweat the Sprit Gum off pretty quickly at the con.

carol close up
It’s a little weird to see myself with blue eyes and blonde hair 😛

My wig is a used Arda Buttercup that I picked up from Nicole Marie Jean a few months ago and my gloves were purchased from We Love Colors.

Thoughts on this costume: I really, really like this costume. Even though I’m in a corset/heels/massive push-up, it’s still pretty comfortable. I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know Carol ala the old comics and run into other fans. I would like to do some touch-ups and make some new things for this costume. I’d also love to make the Captain Marvel suit at some point in the future, since I’m really enjoying that comic.


Oh, one more fun thing to share! I ran into great Captain Marvel cosplayer at Dallas Comic Con and posted our pic to tumblr. The writer of the Captain Marvel comic, Kelly Sue Deconnick, reblogged us! We got nearly 200 likes and reblogs in a day 0_0. It was kind of weird, but super cool. Carol Corps represent!

me and capt marvel
This fantastic Captain Marvel is Shelby of Cerberus Productions.

You can see more images of this costume and others on my Facebook page!

20 thoughts on “Costume Notes: Ms. Marvel

  1. I love this costume and all your tutorials leading up to it! I am not in the least surprised that Kelly Sue Deconnick RT’d you guys, you both had stellar costumes.

    1. Thanks! It was so funny when I realized that had happened. My phone was blowing up with notifications and I just kept thinking, “Why in the world is this getting so many likes?” Then I saw her name on my notification feed and freaked out. The poor BF lost a little bit of hearing.

  2. Hi! I would love to do a Ms. marvel cosplay, but I don’t like the way my legs look in the leotard! Do you have any tips for smoother looking legs?

    1. Depends on the look you’re going for. I almost always layer a few dance tights under my leo. It’s almost like wearing compression wear! Feel free to share your Ms. Marvel when you finish it! 🙂

      1. Thanks! I’m also considering one of those all over body shapers for extra smoothness! Pair that with the dance tights and I mig not be able to breathe, but I’ll look smooth and fabulous!

      2. That could work too. Just make sure you’re comfortable and can move around! I’d also make sure the leg parts of the shaper aren’t totally obvious under the tights.

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