Sewaholic Davie

~Quick announcement!~: Cosplay geeks, Humble Bumble has an exciting book offer for us this month! Get up to $142 worth of craft-friendly digital books for as low as $15. There are tons of great topics in here, including foam smith books from Volpin Props and Punished Props along with Kamui's prop making books. I'm especially excited … Continue reading Sewaholic Davie

Pattern Review: M7217

The Basics:  Pattern: McCall's M7127 (a.k.a. the Yaya Han bodysuit pattern) Total Hours: About 4 hours for the first suit and 6 hours for the 2nd one Fabric: Approximately 1 yard of 4 way stretch pleather for Red She-Hulk and a half-yard of purple milliskin. Approximately 2 yards of heavy white moleskin for She-Hulk, a … Continue reading Pattern Review: M7217

Pattern Review: Truly Victorian #103

After months of hemming and hawing, I finally decided to take the leap and get started on Lulu! The first part I completed was the hoop skirt which will act as the base for her belts. Lots of Lulu cosplayers have gone with a faux apron approach for the belts and created a separate piece … Continue reading Pattern Review: Truly Victorian #103

Newbie Adventures in Embroidery

I mentioned a while back that I finally indulged in a sewing machine with embroidery capabilities. This was mostly for Lulu and her insane lace trim, but I thought it'd be fun to learn how to do other things like making patches and such. Almost six months later, I finally got around to turning on … Continue reading Newbie Adventures in Embroidery

Pattern Review: Simplicity 1819

A few weeks ago, Calliopunk over at Gone Catawampus asked if I could help her friend with a bustle skirt for steampunk Alice in Wonderland. The pattern she had in mind was Simplicity 1819, which was a happy coincidence for me, since I'm thinking about using this pattern for NoFlutter's Sailor Jupiter. The Basics:  Pattern: … Continue reading Pattern Review: Simplicity 1819

Zoobliez Review

Hey guys, quick post today. Just wanted to show you guys this beauty I got in the mail from Zoobliez. After a bit of searching, I stumbled across them on etsy and commissioned their Angel plushie for a few upcoming Fluttershy costumes. They had pretty good reviews, and a reasonable price of $45 w/shipping. I … Continue reading Zoobliez Review