Costume Notes: Cornelia li Britannia (Code Geass)

Photographer Credits:  Ash Snap 'Em Completed: October 2017 Hours Spent: Approximately 50 Why This Costume: Koholint Cosplay and I have this habit of dragging each other into various fandom hells. She nailed my cosplay type so hard with this one, and then surprised me by buying me season one. I started watching, got hooked, and now I'll … Continue reading Costume Notes: Cornelia li Britannia (Code Geass)

Costume Notes: Grandma Rick (Rick and Morty)

Photographer Credits:  Yogomi Completed: April 2017 Hours Spent: Maybe 5? Debuted: Dallas Fan Expo 2017 Why This Costume: One thing I'm terrible about making is comfortable costumes. Most of my builds are meant to be show pieces, so when I was approached to judge the contest at Fan Expo earlier this year, I knew I wanted to put … Continue reading Costume Notes: Grandma Rick (Rick and Morty)

Costume Notes: Pokemon Go Trainer

Completed: August 2016 Hours Spent: About 15 Debuted: A-Fest 2016 Why This Costume: Not gonna lie... This was mostly to join the Pokemon Go hype train, haha. But honestly, it was a fortuitous build. I really enjoy playing the game, I had about 85% of the necessary materials on hand, and I also wanted an easy to wear costume. … Continue reading Costume Notes: Pokemon Go Trainer

Costume Notes: Super Sailor Jupiter

Completed: July 2016 Hours Spent: Eh... probably 40 hours start to finish Debuted: AMA-Con 2016 Why This Costume: It should be apparent by now that Sailor Jupiter is by far my favorite senshi. I knew immediately after joining the Luxe Dolls that I wanted to make a version of Sailor Jupiter for myself, even before I was cast … Continue reading Costume Notes: Super Sailor Jupiter

WIP: October 2015

Lulu: 50% complete I'm finally making some decent progress on Lulu! One of my big tasks for this month was knocking out her base skirt and sleeves. I debated on how to do this. There's some discussion among cosplayers as to what Lulu's skirt and sleeves are supposed to be: separate pieces or a dress … Continue reading WIP: October 2015

Pattern Review: M7217

The Basics:  Pattern: McCall's M7127 (a.k.a. the Yaya Han bodysuit pattern) Total Hours: About 4 hours for the first suit and 6 hours for the 2nd one Fabric: Approximately 1 yard of 4 way stretch pleather for Red She-Hulk and a half-yard of purple milliskin. Approximately 2 yards of heavy white moleskin for She-Hulk, a … Continue reading Pattern Review: M7217

Newbie Adventures in Embroidery

I mentioned a while back that I finally indulged in a sewing machine with embroidery capabilities. This was mostly for Lulu and her insane lace trim, but I thought it'd be fun to learn how to do other things like making patches and such. Almost six months later, I finally got around to turning on … Continue reading Newbie Adventures in Embroidery

13 Tips to Making the Most of Limited Craft Time

A common comment people make to me these days is: "I wish I had the time to sew like you do." This is both frustrating and exciting, since I love sharing my passion for crafting, but I think people tend to forget that they have to make time for recreation. Like a lot cosplayers and … Continue reading 13 Tips to Making the Most of Limited Craft Time

Life According to Instagram: May 2015 (+ Con Announcement)

1. The lovely Taffeta Darling asked me to help out as a cosplay guest at Keith's Comics for Free Comic Book Day. It was a really fun experience, and I even got my first sampling of contest judging! I had a great time at Keith's and would love to visit again next year. 2. I … Continue reading Life According to Instagram: May 2015 (+ Con Announcement)