Costume Notes: Pokemon Go Trainer

Completed: August 2016 Hours Spent: About 15 Debuted: A-Fest 2016 Why This Costume: Not gonna lie... This was mostly to join the Pokemon Go hype train, haha. But honestly, it was a fortuitous build. I really enjoy playing the game, I had about 85% of the necessary materials on hand, and I also wanted an easy to wear costume. … Continue reading Costume Notes: Pokemon Go Trainer

WIP June 2015 Edition

Ah, sweet, sweet summer heat. My two biggest cons of the year are over, but I still have several cons and big builds on the horizon! Margaret: 100% complete I made this costume for an A-Kon group with friends. The big thing I finished in early June was my grimerie. This is probably the best … Continue reading WIP June 2015 Edition