Costume Notes: Super Sailor Jupiter


Completed: July 2016

Hours Spent: Eh… probably 40 hours start to finish

Debuted: AMA-Con 2016

Why This Costume: It should be apparent by now that Sailor Jupiter is by far my favorite senshi. I knew immediately after joining the Luxe Dolls that I wanted to make a version of Sailor Jupiter for myself, even before I was cast for the part of Jupiter. I opted to make my suit work for both classic and Super Jupiter so that I could interchange pieces as I saw fit.

 How I made it: I covered a lot of the basic fuku techniques I used here in my Jupiter 1.0 notes, so I’ll focus this post on things I did differently.


One of the most obvious differences in Jupes 1.0 and 2.0 is the detachable armor. SparklePipsi covers this process a bit in her fuku tutorial, but I used a double-layer of thick spandex as opposed to fleece. I used Zan’s chest armor piece (with some modifications) to draft this part. For the sleeves, I again used folded over white foam, but did one stitch on the sleeves to match the art work.

The translucent Super sleeves are the one thing I really didn’t like about how this turned out. I really want to go back and tweak the pattern, but I’m pretty happy with my construction approach. To create these, I used a heavy gauge vinyl covered in glitter chiffon. The piece was flexible throughout the day and didn’t bother me at all. It attaches to the chest armor with Velcro.


My leotard fit was one of the things I really didn’t like about Jupes 1.0. I didn’t add length to Zan’s pattern at all, and it’s been horribly uncomfortable as my weight has fluctuated. For this fuku, I used my She-Hulk mock-up of Yaya’s Ultimate Bodysuit Pattern to draft the pieces I needed for a much better fit.

In my Jupes 1.0 post, I lamented that I disliked how my bloomers were constructed. For this version, I used hook and eye tape to connect the crotch and finished the edges with 3/8″ elastic. This is a technique commonly used in leotards and swimsuits and hugs the bum to prevent the leotard from riding up. It’s way more comfortable than my previous approach!

For my butt bows, I took some artistic liberties. The Super butt bows for the senshi are kind of… meh. They just hang more or less. So I made a slightly shorter version of Moon’s cascading butt bow tails. It’s a little different, but I got some great feedback on it and I adore how they look. I also incorporated some 1/2″ horsehair braid into the tails for extra flow.

Hand stitching during my lunch break at work.

To create my glove rolls, I used some scrap Rogue spandex to create the piping channels (see NyuNyu’s glove roll tutorial for basic information) and filled them with upholstery piping, much like I did in Jupiter 1.0. The main difference here, though, is that I hand-stitched the piping to itself to create a continuous circle and then hand stitched the spandex shut. The seam is much less obvious in photos now!

Accessories: I bought a new pair of boots for this costume and painted them with Angelus leather paints. I like these quite a bit, though I’m still holding on to my Catzia boots for days I don’t want to tower like a baby giraffe!

Closer image of the tiara. I got to judge the Kids Costume Contest with Tugg the Superhero Dog!

For the choker, I glued a brass stamp and a green gem with e6000 to match the Super artwork. My wig was another part of this costume I was unhappy with. The circumference doesn’t fit my head well, so I’m replacing it with a ponytail wig from EpicCosplay Wigs.

Huge thanks to Mask Props for the beautiful tiara (so comfortable!) and Callula Cosplay for the heart brooch!

Classic Jupiter fuku, complete with magical kitty Lying Cat.

Other thoughts: All and all, I’m very happy with how this version of Jupiter turned out. I’ve wanted to remake her for well over a year, and I’m so happy to have an improved fuku! I can’t wait to do photoshoots of this costume at A-Fest.

Who’s your favorite senshi? 


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