Costume Notes: Super Sailor Jupiter


Completed: July 2016

Hours Spent: Eh… probably 40 hours start to finish

Debuted: AMA-Con 2016

Why This Costume: It should be apparent by now that Sailor Jupiter is by far my favorite senshi. I knew immediately after joining the Luxe Dolls that I wanted to make a version of Sailor Jupiter for myself, even before I was cast for the part of Jupiter. I opted to make my suit work for both classic and Super Jupiter so that I could interchange pieces as I saw fit.

 How I made it: I covered a lot of the basic fuku techniques I used here in my Jupiter 1.0 notes, so I’ll focus this post on things I did differently.


One of the most obvious differences in Jupes 1.0 and 2.0 is the detachable armor. SparklePipsi covers this process a bit in her fuku tutorial, but I used a double-layer of thick spandex as opposed to fleece. I used Zan’s chest armor piece (with some modifications) to draft this part. For the sleeves, I again used folded over white foam, but did one stitch on the sleeves to match the art work.

The translucent Super sleeves are the one thing I really didn’t like about how this turned out. I really want to go back and tweak the pattern, but I’m pretty happy with my construction approach. To create these, I used a heavy gauge vinyl covered in glitter chiffon. The piece was flexible throughout the day and didn’t bother me at all. It attaches to the chest armor with Velcro.


My leotard fit was one of the things I really didn’t like about Jupes 1.0. I didn’t add length to Zan’s pattern at all, and it’s been horribly uncomfortable as my weight has fluctuated. For this fuku, I used my She-Hulk mock-up of Yaya’s Ultimate Bodysuit Pattern to draft the pieces I needed for a much better fit.

In my Jupes 1.0 post, I lamented that I disliked how my bloomers were constructed. For this version, I used hook and eye tape to connect the crotch and finished the edges with 3/8″ elastic. This is a technique commonly used in leotards and swimsuits and hugs the bum to prevent the leotard from riding up. It’s way more comfortable than my previous approach!

For my butt bows, I took some artistic liberties. The Super butt bows for the senshi are kind of… meh. They just hang more or less. So I made a slightly shorter version of Moon’s cascading butt bow tails. It’s a little different, but I got some great feedback on it and I adore how they look. I also incorporated some 1/2″ horsehair braid into the tails for extra flow.

Hand stitching during my lunch break at work.

To create my glove rolls, I used some scrap Rogue spandex to create the piping channels (see NyuNyu’s glove roll tutorial for basic information) and filled them with upholstery piping, much like I did in Jupiter 1.0. The main difference here, though, is that I hand-stitched the piping to itself to create a continuous circle and then hand stitched the spandex shut. The seam is much less obvious in photos now!

Accessories: I bought a new pair of boots for this costume and painted them with Angelus leather paints. I like these quite a bit, though I’m still holding on to my Catzia boots for days I don’t want to tower like a baby giraffe!

Closer image of the tiara. I got to judge the Kids Costume Contest with Tugg the Superhero Dog!

For the choker, I glued a brass stamp and a green gem with e6000 to match the Super artwork. My wig was another part of this costume I was unhappy with. The circumference doesn’t fit my head well, so I’m replacing it with a ponytail wig from EpicCosplay Wigs.

Huge thanks to Mask Props for the beautiful tiara (so comfortable!) and Callula Cosplay for the heart brooch!

Classic Jupiter fuku, complete with magical kitty Lying Cat.

Other thoughts: All and all, I’m very happy with how this version of Jupiter turned out. I’ve wanted to remake her for well over a year, and I’m so happy to have an improved fuku! I can’t wait to do photoshoots of this costume at A-Fest.

Who’s your favorite senshi? 


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WIP: August 2015 + Con Announcement!

Goodbye, summer. Hello, fall! Well, sorta. We’re still in 90+ degree weather, so really fall is more or less wishful thinking right now.

tumblr_ntynoqvWz11sxq29yo1_500Hanie Mohd Wonder Woman: 100% Complete

I sure have taken my sweet time with this costume! Originally, I anticipated it only taking 2 weeks, and had I not worked on other projects in between that probably would have been true. That said, it’s been nice to take a very leisurely approach with this costume. Having time to finish my hems by hand is a luxury I normally don’t have! I’ll share more about this costume after A-fest.

IMG_2823Lulu from FFX: 15% Complete

Whoooo!!!! Real progress! This project has been hanging over my head for months, so over the summer I decided to shuffle my cosplay line-up for the rest of the year and make it my priority for the fall. This month, I decided to go ahead and make one of the big pieces for the costume: the hoop skirt which will act as the base for the belts. You can read more about this project here.


IMG_27751970s Supergirl Blouse

This was one of my first embroidery projects. One of my returning clients asked if I’d make a 1970s Supergirl blouse to go with some hot-pants I altered for her a few months back. The basic shape was pretty simple. I used Simplicity 1779 as a base with a few alterations. Namely altering the front to cut on the fold and slashing and spreading the sleeve to accommodate a larger poof. I finished the neckline with bias tape since the main fabric was pretty thick and I didn’t want her to have to worry about a neckline facing flipping up in photos.

The fun part of this project was learning how to embroider. I definitely have a lot to learn, but I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out!


I added several projects to my Etsy shop this month! Lots of Whovians asked for Doctor Who themed prints, so I added 4 new clutches along with coin purses. I also made some pillows, but I haven’t photographed them yet. They’ll be up soon! Check everything out here. As always, if you have suggestions for product, feel free to ask!

Con Line-Up: AnimeFest 2015

FotorCreatedFriday: Hanie Mohd Wonder Woman

Saturday: I’ll be Margaret in the morning with my Velvet Room siblings, then I’m switching to Sailor Jupiter! I’m not sure at the moment if I’ll attend the semi-formal ball. If I do, I’ll probably bring my Ms. Marvel gown.

Sunday: Casual Jupiter

Are any of you heading to A-Fest? Feel free to say hi if you see me!

Costume Notes: Princess Jupiter

Pretty, pretty princess time! My necklace is from DolceAmore.

Completed: November 2014

Hours Spent: App. 20 hours

Debuted: Anime North Texas 2014

Why This Costume: I covered my love of Jupiter in my Sailor Jupiter post. I adore the princess versions of the scouts in the manga and artbook, so when my friend Ohheyabear Cosplay said she wanted to cosplay princesses together, I jumped at the opportunity!

We got to meet the fantastic SparklePipsi! Her Creamy Mami is too cute.

How I Made It: Construction wise, this costume isn’t too hard. It’s just a lot of layers! I blended Kwik Sew 3400 with the bust pieces of a McCall’s pattern that I can’t seem to find at the moment. Derp. I’ll post the number when I find it. There are three layers total: the outer layer made from a somewhat transparent green satin, the underlining in poly satin (the same that I used for Sailor Jupiter’s fuku!), and a lining in poly satin and chiffon.

The top layer and underlining are both made with the Kwik Sew View A train and the lining is the View B hem. To get the flower-petal look that Jupiter has, I did a rolled hem on my serger. Before I wear this costume again, I’ll add fishing wire to get a more pronounced wavy look.

A little behind the scenes of my WIP. Bottom left is my lining layer. I used green satin until the pattern started flaring out at the hips, then I used chiffon for the skirt portion.

The top layer also gave me some issues with the zipper. I initially tried this method of letting it hang loose in the back, but that soooo did not work with the length of my zipper. Instead, I basted the outer layer and the underlining together, but now there’s a baby pucker at the edge of the zipper. When I have time, I plan to re-do that entire zipper and seam.

To create the scoop on the front panel of the dress, I gathered both sides by about 5″.

My main trouble with fitting this dress was the outer layer. Since this layer is kind of see through, I opted to use French seams on ALL the seams. This worked well for the sides, but fitting over the bust was obnoxious. I’m still not happy with it, so I may seam rip them and just do a double-line of straight stitching instead.

Another behind the scenes shot of my WIP. On the left is one of the French seams on the side of the outer layer. The right photo is an image of the boning I inserted into the lining layer. I used German plastic boning for this dress.

My favorite part of this costume is the roses. I made several roses out of satin ribbon using this tutorial for the hips, ankles, and ponytail. I attached them to my dress and ankle ribbons with pins.

For the shoes, I took an old pair of scuffed work pumps and painted them. My original intent was to cover them in scrap fabric, but my Modge Podge dried super streaky. Since I was short on time, I used Colortool spray paint from Michaels. With my Angelus deglazer and finisher (leftover from Bombshell Wondie), it held up well. There are only a few minor stress marks. I’d like to repaint these with Angelus paint when I have a bit more time and hopefully match the shell of the dress a bit more.

Helllooooo leg! Ha, I seriously forgot how high that slit was. Thank you, dance tights!

Thoughts: Even with the setbacks and short time frame (around 2 weeks), I’m fairly pleased with this costume. It’s one of my cheapest cosplays this year, partly because most of the materials I used are reject Sailor Jupiter fabrics. The green satin for the shell was intended as the skirt/collar for Sailor Jupter, but it was more transparent than I anticipated and the store I bought it from didn’t accept returns. Might as well use it for another cosplay! I’d love to make some improvements to this costume over the holidays and do a proper photoshoot in a garden when the weather warms up. Ohheyabear and I braved the elements for a few outdoor shots, and I’ll be sure to share those when I get them!

That brings me to the end of my con “season” (can you really call it a season when it lasts all year?) for 2014. I’m taking a short break from personal costumes to finish up some commission work, but I’ll be back to making more early 2015. First up: MOAR CAROL! 😉

Pretty, pretty princesses. Ohheyabear won Best in Show for gorgeous Serenity!

Have you started planning out or working on your 2015 costumes?

Costume Notes: Sailor Jupiter

Bring on the thunder! All photos in this post are by the fabulous Aperture Ashley 😀

Completed: August 2014

Hours Spent: No freaking clue. With my previous attempts… Maybe 40 hours?

Debuted: Anime-Fest 2014

Why This Costume: I think every Moonie has that one sailor scout that they identify hardcore with. Jupiter was that senshi for me. I won’t go too in-depth here, because my fangirl love of Jupiter is absolutely absurd and I will start crying big fat ugly non-magical girl tears and no one needs to see that. Instead, have her bad ass intro from the original anime series. Also, this post from the new Sailor Jupiter voice actress expresses my feelings on Jupiter perfectly.

How I made it: It takes a village to make a fuku. Seriously. I wouldn’t have finished this project if it weren’t for a plethora of other sailor senshi cosplayers that took the time and energy to share their knowledge. Also, apologies in advance for the wall of text. I really underestimated the challenge of this project, so hopefully I can save some future senshi a few headaches!

The base of this costume is made using Katherine Zan’s sailor senshi pattern. I originally tried adjusting the Green Pepper Crystal Lake pattern, but it didn’t work out for me. I did have to make a few adjustments to Zan’s pattern, though. The sleeve portion (made with folded over foam from Zan’s store) was far too large for me, so I cut it down two sizes. The pattern is a bit short in the torso as well. I didn’t mind the torso length overall, since I like the 90s high-waist look, but it did bug me in the bloomer department. For future fuku, I’ll add probably 2″ to the bloomers at the hip.


Speaking of the bloomers, I’ll go back to the folded over elastic method for future fuku. Elastic finishes (which are covered here and briefly in the Cupcake Cosplay tutorial) prevent the leo from riding up the bum. And nothing says NOT A MAGICAL GIRL like leotard wedgies :P. I do like the double layer of fabric Katherine’s pattern calls for since it creates a lining, so I’ll have to play with combining both methods for future fuku. I finished off the crotch with hooks and eyes since I don’t trust snaps for such a high stress area.

I used Zan’s pattern for the collar as well, but instead of sewing it to the leotard, I made it a separate piece and attached it with snaps. I used NyuNyu Cosplay’s tutorial for guidance.



For the skirt, I combined two full circle skirts together and pleated them, as described in Cupcake Cosplay’s tutorial. Attaching the skirt, bloomers, and hip/waist roll is an ugly, clunky process, so be careful. At various points, you’re sewing through at least 9 layers of fabric and foam. I got a little sloppy at one point and my serger actually ate through a chunk of the roll on the right side. I covered it up as best as I could with my hip chain and con badge.

NyuNyu mentioned somewhere (don’t ask where, because I can’t find it now) that she used upholstery piping for the hip roll. One of my friends tried this approach and her hip roll was fantastic! I’ll take this approach for future fuku. I finished the skirt with a narrow hem.


For the bows, I used SparklePipsi’s bow tutorial. Perfect magical girl bows! If you’re wondering about sizing, I made no adjustments to the bow size whatsoever and I’m 5’11” with broad shoulders. You may want to adjust for your preference and size. I used 5 snaps on the front bow and three on the back, though I’ll go back and add more snaps to the back since it got droopy as the day went on.

I made my glove toppers using NyuNyu’s tutorial. I had to play with the measurements a bit, but I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out. I hand tacked them to my gloves, which are from We Love Colors.

I absolutely *had* to make Jupiter’s hip chain from the manga. Fortunately, this cosplayer had a great tutorial. Instead of using paper clips, I used straight pins and small split rings to connect the larger rings. If you do this, invest in a set of split ring pliers. It will make life much easier.


To make Jupiter’s hair tie, I painted two large wooden balls and attached them with a bit of black elastic.

My boots, brooch and tiara are from Catzia’s Collectibles, and I got my earrings from etsy. The boots and tiara are great, but I’d like a larger resin brooch at some point. Arda didn’t have the shade of brown I needed, so I went with my back-up: Epic Cosplay. I actually prefer their ponytail wigs to Arda now. While I love Arda, their ponytail wigs have a ridiculous amount of fiber, which makes wearing the wig really difficult and painful. I still had to sew in two toupee clips to this wig, but it was manageable. Still painful though. I was popping ibuprofen for a while. I styled my bangs using this tutorial and added a clip-in curly ponytail.

For my makeup, I went with a softer look and used this tutorial for inspiration. I went a bit darker than suggested for my photo shoot, used false lashes, and wore pink lipstick.


Thoughts on this costume: This is one of my favorite costumes to date. I have such a stupid love of Sailor Jupiter and getting to cosplay my favorite senshi is a costume dream come true. I do have a few small tweaks that I’d like to make, but overall, I’m ridiculously happy with how it turned out. I can’t wait to make Princess Jupiter!

The rest of the photos from this set are on Ashley’s flickr and will be up in my Sailor Jupiter album soon!

Who’s your favorite senshi?


Probably my favorite selfie from A-fest. Cosplay repair assembly line!
Probably my favorite selfie from A-fest. Cosplay repair assembly line!

A few weeks ago, I attended Anime Fest! Anime Fest is held at the Sheraton Dallas, where A-Kon used to be before changing locations two years ago. I only attended one A-Kon at the Sheraton, so it heading back was a bit of a surreal experience. Honestly, it’s kind of a shame that they moved locations, as I like the old location better.

Ran into the lovely Dallas Fan Girl!

On Friday, I headed in mid-afternoon (as soon as I could scurry away from work) decked out as a casual Captain Marvel. A-Fest did a brilliant thing this year and offered pre-registered members the opportunity to mail out their badges in advance. I really hope A-Kon gets on board with this idea, because it only took me 10 minutes to pick up my lanyard on Friday. Not having to wait in line absolutely wonderful.

Panelists left to right: My Geeky Geeky Ways, Samurai Pizza Kitten Cosplay, Mia, and Liz.

The only panel I actually made it to on Friday was the Confidence in Cosplay panel, hosted by my friends over at Superhero-esque. Lots of discussion on body image, how to handle haters, and more! You can check out a video of the panel below.

I kicked off Saturday with a photoshoot with Aperture Ashley! Ashley’s done several shoots at A-Kon before, so she had some great spots picked out for maximum magical girl shots. I can’t wait to show you the final photos!

I love this hall shot of my Jupiter! Courtesy of Overbeck.

Saturday overall was pretty chill. I wandered around with my friends Mia and Liz, said hi to lots of people, got recorded by Cosplay with Me for his con tour video (I’ll post a link when it’s up!), dropped by a Sailor Moon photoshoot, and just generally hung out and had a good time. I really enjoyed this experience, even if I did miss a lot of the people I hoped to see. Hopefully if time works out, I’ll be back next year! Thank you to everyone who said hi 🙂 You can see more photos from the event on my Facebook page!

Loved seeing so many Moonies gathered in one spot!

My con season is slowly but surely winding down. I only have two cons left this year: Dallas Fan Days in October and Anime North Texas in November. I may or may not have a new costume for both. We’ll see how time and funds are doing in a few weeks!

Selfie-con! I changed into my Ms. Marvel gown in the evening and hung out with Liz, Samurai Pizza Kitten, and Mia.
Selfie-con! I changed into my Ms. Marvel gown in the evening and hung out with Liz, Samurai Pizza Kitten, and Mia.

Are you still going strong with cons? Or are you winding down and getting ready for next year?