Costume Notes: Princess Jupiter

Pretty, pretty princess time! My necklace is from DolceAmore.

Completed: November 2014

Hours Spent: App. 20 hours

Debuted: Anime North Texas 2014

Why This Costume: I covered my love of Jupiter in my Sailor Jupiter post. I adore the princess versions of the scouts in the manga and artbook, so when my friend Ohheyabear Cosplay said she wanted to cosplay princesses together, I jumped at the opportunity!

We got to meet the fantastic SparklePipsi! Her Creamy Mami is too cute.

How I Made It: Construction wise, this costume isn’t too hard. It’s just a lot of layers! I blended Kwik Sew 3400 with the bust pieces of a McCall’s pattern that I can’t seem to find at the moment. Derp. I’ll post the number when I find it. There are three layers total: the outer layer made from a somewhat transparent green satin, the underlining in poly satin (the same that I used for Sailor Jupiter’s fuku!), and a lining in poly satin and chiffon.

The top layer and underlining are both made with the Kwik Sew View A train and the lining is the View B hem. To get the flower-petal look that Jupiter has, I did a rolled hem on my serger. Before I wear this costume again, I’ll add fishing wire to get a more pronounced wavy look.

A little behind the scenes of my WIP. Bottom left is my lining layer. I used green satin until the pattern started flaring out at the hips, then I used chiffon for the skirt portion.

The top layer also gave me some issues with the zipper. I initially tried this method of letting it hang loose in the back, but that soooo did not work with the length of my zipper. Instead, I basted the outer layer and the underlining together, but now there’s a baby pucker at the edge of the zipper. When I have time, I plan to re-do that entire zipper and seam.

To create the scoop on the front panel of the dress, I gathered both sides by about 5″.

My main trouble with fitting this dress was the outer layer. Since this layer is kind of see through, I opted to use French seams on ALL the seams. This worked well for the sides, but fitting over the bust was obnoxious. I’m still not happy with it, so I may seam rip them and just do a double-line of straight stitching instead.

Another behind the scenes shot of my WIP. On the left is one of the French seams on the side of the outer layer. The right photo is an image of the boning I inserted into the lining layer. I used German plastic boning for this dress.

My favorite part of this costume is the roses. I made several roses out of satin ribbon using this tutorial for the hips, ankles, and ponytail. I attached them to my dress and ankle ribbons with pins.

For the shoes, I took an old pair of scuffed work pumps and painted them. My original intent was to cover them in scrap fabric, but my Modge Podge dried super streaky. Since I was short on time, I used Colortool spray paint from Michaels. With my Angelus deglazer and finisher (leftover from Bombshell Wondie), it held up well. There are only a few minor stress marks. I’d like to repaint these with Angelus paint when I have a bit more time and hopefully match the shell of the dress a bit more.

Helllooooo leg! Ha, I seriously forgot how high that slit was. Thank you, dance tights!

Thoughts: Even with the setbacks and short time frame (around 2 weeks), I’m fairly pleased with this costume. It’s one of my cheapest cosplays this year, partly because most of the materials I used are reject Sailor Jupiter fabrics. The green satin for the shell was intended as the skirt/collar for Sailor Jupter, but it was more transparent than I anticipated and the store I bought it from didn’t accept returns. Might as well use it for another cosplay! I’d love to make some improvements to this costume over the holidays and do a proper photoshoot in a garden when the weather warms up. Ohheyabear and I braved the elements for a few outdoor shots, and I’ll be sure to share those when I get them!

That brings me to the end of my con “season” (can you really call it a season when it lasts all year?) for 2014. I’m taking a short break from personal costumes to finish up some commission work, but I’ll be back to making more early 2015. First up: MOAR CAROL! 😉

Pretty, pretty princesses. Ohheyabear won Best in Show for gorgeous Serenity!

Have you started planning out or working on your 2015 costumes?

21 thoughts on “Costume Notes: Princess Jupiter

  1. This came out lovely, and the costume looks very flattering on you. Did you style the wig yourself? I, too, am taking a bit of a break from cons and costumes for a bit, though the planning often starts coming together in my head during these sewing lapses 😉

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