Fandom 5 Friday: Smart Phone Apps (+ Con Update)

fandom-5-fridayHappy Friday, everyone! I’m back on the Fandom 5 bandwagon this week with my vital smart phone apps. In no specific order:

  • Social Media Apps: I know, I’m such a millennial. I’m almost never on most of my social media outlets on my computer. It’s always on my phone. Instagram (@thegeekyseamstress), Twitter (@geekyseamstress), and Facebook are my main poisons.
  • Fotor: I love making collages for Instagram, and I use Fotor to set those up! This is one of those situations where I prefer the app version to the desktop. The app version is very simple to use and not too obnoxious in terms of advertisements.
  • Spotify: I love, love, love listening to music throughout the day (especially at work), and Spotify is my go-to music app. The BF is a huge music buff and has made me several fantastic mixes that I listen to on rotation. Also, I totally love the Disney playlist.
  • Google Apps: Cheating a little bit here, but I use so many of these. I use Hangouts for chats, Gmail for all of my e-mail needs, Drive to organize my documents, and Maps as my GPS.
  • Podcasts: I really enjoy listening to podcasts when I’m at work, sewing, or just running errands. Some of my favorites are NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, Slate’s Culture Gabfest, Judge John Hodgman, The Broad Experience, Stuff You Missed in History Class, and The Sewing Affair. Do you listen to podcasts? What are some of your favorites?


  • Trello: I love this app for planning my cosplays! It’s so easy to create a project and make smaller to-do lists. Also, I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve heard great things about the CosPlanner app.
  • Lose It: With the holidays coming up, I’m trying to keep an eye out on my food intake and exercise. Lose It! is my preferred free app.

Those are a few of my must-have apps! What are some of your favorites?

Much happier with how the bangs came out this time. I’ll share more info on my costume write-up!

Also, I’m attending Anime North Texas on Saturday only! I’ll be there as Princess Jupiter with my friend Ohheyabear Cosplay as Princess Serenity. Hope to see some of you there!

A few dress details. More photos soon!

12 thoughts on “Fandom 5 Friday: Smart Phone Apps (+ Con Update)

  1. I’ve seen a couple food tracker apps on peoples lists and I’ll have to try some out! I’m tried My Fitness Pal and just wasn’t a huge fan of the app, but I am with you on wanting to keep a better eye around the holidays! So much yumminess all the time…

  2. Another Spotify fan here too. I just wish that I could take shuffle play off without having to pay. It’s not a huge deal, but there are some days I want to start out listening to a specific song in my playlist. I also love utilizing Google Apps. 😀

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