8 Tips on How Not to Screw Up Your First Corset

Over the weekend, I'm planning to fully dive into my corset for Lulu. This will mark my fourth corset, so I thought today's post would be a good opportunity to share some of my mishaps and learning experiences in the hopes of helping out a few other newbie corset makers. 1.Do your homework: Corset making … Continue reading 8 Tips on How Not to Screw Up Your First Corset

Costume Notes: Casual Wonder Woman (based on art by Hanie Mohd)

Completed: August 2015 Hours Spent: Approximately 30 hours Debuted: A-Fest 2015 Why This Costume: I adore Hanie Mohd's take on several superhero ladies and have at least 5 more of her designs on my cosplay wishlist (my first was fancy pants Ms. Marvel). I've wanted to make this Wondie ever since I saw it over a year … Continue reading Costume Notes: Casual Wonder Woman (based on art by Hanie Mohd)

WIP: August 2015 + Con Announcement!

Goodbye, summer. Hello, fall! Well, sorta. We're still in 90+ degree weather, so really fall is more or less wishful thinking right now. Hanie Mohd Wonder Woman: 100% Complete I sure have taken my sweet time with this costume! Originally, I anticipated it only taking 2 weeks, and had I not worked on other projects … Continue reading WIP: August 2015 + Con Announcement!

Costume Notes: Bombshell Wonder Woman 2.0

When I first started Bombshell Wondie, I had no idea so many people would like her! It's been one of my most popular and most worn costumes this con season (yay comfort :P). I've steadily made improvements for each con, so I thought I'd share some of those with you today! Wig: My friend Mia recently … Continue reading Costume Notes: Bombshell Wonder Woman 2.0

Costume Notes: Bombshell Wonder Woman

Completed: March 2014 Debuted: All-Con 2014 Time Completed: I'm not 100% sure on exact hours, but I started it 2 weeks before the con. Why This Costume: I love Wonder Woman. Love her about as much as I love Rogue. That said, I've really been intimidated in the past by her costumes. So many people have done … Continue reading Costume Notes: Bombshell Wonder Woman

Tutorial Share: Nerdy Bow Clutches

I stumbled across the DIY Bow Clutch Sewing Tutorial a few weeks back. At the time, I knew I wanted to make one for my blue satin Cambie dress, but I wanted to try it out just in case I screwed up. I had just enough fabric after my pillow sewing marathon to test the … Continue reading Tutorial Share: Nerdy Bow Clutches

Pillow Patrol

Did you guys do any Black Friday shopping? I got so many e-mails about sales. It was ridiculous. It took soooo much effort not to blow my entire paycheck on fabric and cosplay supplies. I only indulged in a few things: a cute bowler hat, a blonde wig from Epic Cosplay (my first from them), … Continue reading Pillow Patrol