Etsy Shop is Live!

If you’ve been following for a while, you know that I’ve been talking about getting an Etsy shop up and running for several months now. So over the holiday weekend, I sat down and made an initial run of geeky themed bow clutches.

avengers 2
Avengers clutch

When I initially set out to open a shop, I had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted to focus on. Pillows and handbags are great, but there are lots of those already available on Etsy. What I hadn’t seen before were nerd-friendly clutches quite like the ones I’ve made (based on the Elm Street Life tutorial). With a little color blocking, these clutches go from basic zipper bag to a super cute clutch ready for the con floor.

wonder woman - blue 2
Wonder Woman – Supergirl – Batgirl clutch

I made my first set of bow clutches back in 2013 out of some scrap fabric. I gave one to my mom as a gift and kept one for myself. My mom and I both still use our initial clutches on a regular basis. Mine is most often used as a make-up bag, but I also use it as my con bag while in costume. It’s just big enough to hold my contact cards, phone, money, and touch-up make-up. Plus, it’s small enough to be discreet and easy to hide when I pose for photos. I’ve made several similar clutches out of scrap costume fabric when I want an exact match!

My Belle clutch was made of leftover satin and brocade so I wouldn’t have to constantly worry about passing it off to a friend or setting it down when posing. Photo by Gone Catawampus

My favorite clutches from this initial run are the Star Wars ones, both the black and grey bows. The black fabric is a mystery poly blend, and the grey is a cotton sateen.

star wars grey 1
Star Wars in grey

I hope you guys like these! I have some ideas for Moonie themed ones in the near future, and a few people have already requested Dr. Who. If you have suggestions or requests for future clutches, let me know!

Star Wars black bow 1
Star Wars in black

I’m running a sale on everything in my store right now (which also includes some of my older costumes). Use the offer code GEEKYSEWS10 by 7/12/15 for 10% off of your purchase.

How do you store your con essentials while in costume? 


Tutorial Share: Nerdy Bow Clutches

I stumbled across the DIY Bow Clutch Sewing Tutorial a few weeks back. At the time, I knew I wanted to make one for my blue satin Cambie dress, but I wanted to try it out just in case I screwed up. I had just enough fabric after my pillow sewing marathon to test the tutorial twice. Drumroll, please…

Double the clutch, double the fun.
Double the clutch, double the fun.

Whitney’s tutorial is pretty easy to follow. I’m very much a visual learner, and she’s provided several pictures to help with the process. The only part I wasn’t particularly fond of was not finishing the edges of the bow center. I didn’t do that for these (laziness), but my satin fabric is a shred-happy monster, so I’ll finish the edges of it off with a zig-zag stitch.

Since this was just a trial run for me, I played with different thread selections. On my first go, I went with black. That was mostly because I was lazy (recurring theme here) and black was the last thread/bobbin I had in my machine. It looks okay, but required reeeeeaaaaaallly precise stitching, particularly on the zipper.


In my second go, I went with red instead and paid closer attention to my stitching on the zipper. I think it turned out a lot better.

Photo Dec 11, 5 57 09 AM

Speaking of zippers, the tutorial says not to pin the zipper when sewing it to the front. I totally agree with that, but if you’re like me and a little worried about messing up, try WonderTape. This stuff is awesome. It’s basically double-sided washable tape. I use it for all my zippers, often in lieu of basting (because I am a lazy, lazy seamstress). Here’s where I learned about Wondertape.

I made one other deviation from the tutorial. A few months ago, I got hooked on these amazing Nerd Herders from Rockitbot (They had a Wonder Woman one that I bought shortly before DragonCon. Love. It). I had an extra Supergirl strap, so I swapped making a strap for adding a clasp attached with some scrap bias tape.

Not a perfect match, but close enough!
Not a perfect match, but close enough!

So who are these clutches going to? Well, the funky black-thread one is going in my “Keep” pile. I made a reversible tote with the same fabric a few months back, so I’m dubbing these my Con accessories.

All the nerdy bags will be mine!!!
All the nerdy bags will be mine!!!

My red-thread clutch with the Supergirl strap will be going to my mom (with a matching pillow). My mom is as obsessed with Supergirl as I am with Wonder Woman, so methinks she’ll like it.

If you’re looking for a fairly quick DIY gift for someone (or yourself) this year, the bow clutch is a great way to go. One of these took me about an hour, start to finish. That includes cutting. Since I only pulled from my fabric stash, I only spent $8 on the clasps (set of 4 for $4) and zippers.

Are you making any DIY gifts this year?