Costume Notes: Deadpool


Whoooo!!!! 100 posts! Deadpool gives tacos to all of you!!!

Completed: October 2014

Hours Spent: Close to 30 hours

Debuted: Dallas Fan Days 2014

Why This Costume: This costume is actually my second full-fledged commission and first time sewing for a guy. One of my old friends contacted me back in late August saying he was interested in cosplaying at Fan Days. He’d never cosplayed before and wanted to do a more realistic Deadpool. It seemed like an interested challenge (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) and a good chance to broaden my costume portfolio, so I agreed to take it on.

Fotor0102293249How I Made It: As I mentioned, my friend was after a more realistic Deadpool. He knew right away that he didn’t want a full spandex bodysuit, so we used the above image as a reference and swapped out the bodysuit for a spandex top and pants.

The pants were my first task. I picked up some poly black and red twill from Golden D’Or and made them using Kwik Sew 4045 as a base. To give the pants more depth, I topstitched the black twill on top of the red. Since I was working with a crap ton of fabric, I ditched the side pockets since it would have been too much bulk, but kept the cargo and back pockets.

Pants before I added the waistband.
Pants before I added the waistband. I am stupid proud of that fly.

When my friend came over for fitting, we realized that this pattern had a metric shit ton of ease built in to the legs. I wound up taking in the legs by almost 4 inches on each side and the butt in by a full 2 inches. Dafuq? Of course, this meant that I had to take in the waist band as well. Le sigh…

The top was a whole other mess of a challenge. I ordered my spandex from my go-to shop, Spandex World, in early September. After waiting a few days, I realized that FedEx lost my order. Two weeks later (and after a lot of phone calls from FedEx asking if I was really, really sure that my package wasn’t delivered), my fabric finally arrived, but it was the wrong color. In a last ditch effort, I attempted to dye the spandex using this tutorial. Lo and behold, it actually worked. Unfortunately, I had to chop up the fabric to get it to fit in the pot, and the dyes came out very different, so I had a limited amount of yardage to work with. On the plus side, I now have a half yard of very pretty burgundy spandex. I might need to make a miniskirt soon…

Out, out damned spot!

I added the black pieces using the same tutorial I used for Ms. Marvel. The black vinyl was absolutely perfect. To draft the pieces, I made a mock-up out of scrap fabric and drew the lines on while my friend was wearing it. I then cut out those pieces and trued them up on paper to use as a pattern. I didn’t take a picture of this step, but I’ll try to demo it when I get around to my spandex tutorial, promise!

Making the mask proved… difficult. I drafted a basic mask using this tutorial, but my first test mask was way too small and crushed the nose. The final mask was better, but the eyes were too far apart. My fabric was limited at that point, so I  seam ripped the eyes and moved them in closer together. The “lenses” are a slightly stretchy mosquito netting. I got some real funny looks when I asked for 1/8 of a yard at the cutting table. Anywho, I’d like to make some test spandex masks when I have down time just to get a better feel for them. Let’s just say I know now why people charge $50-75 for masks alone on etsy.


Thoughts on this costume: Overall, I’m pleased with how this turned out and my friend really enjoyed his costume. I definitely learned a lot both technique wise (never knew you could dye spandex) and in regards to handling a commission (always, always, always get detail specifics before cutting into fabric).

Con shot! Pardon my inability to take photos. Gloves are the worst.

I think now’s a good opportunity to mention that I am planning to open up for a small batch of 2015 costume commissions. I don’t intend to take on more than 10 or so, depending on complexity. You can find more information on details here. I’ve already got a few lined up, so let me know if you’re interested in getting on my list for next year!

Costume Notes: Marvel Now Rogue

2014-07-19 09.50.11
Hey there, sugah!

Completed: July 2014

Hours Spent: 6ish

Debuted: North Texas Comic Book Show Summer 2014

tumblr_n78j2eSKuq1sxq29yo1_500Why This Costume: …it’s another Rogue? Haha. I really enjoyed the Marvel Now run of X-Men, which featured an all-female team, including Rogue. This version of Rogue is (or was) very much the Rogue that I grew up with and loved. She’s the muscle of the group and is more inclined to punch first and ask questions later. I actually blame that series for getting me into recent Avengers runs, since she just disappeared from the X-Men title and I wanted to know what happened! Marvel pretty much owns my pull list right now.

Ran into the lovely ladies of Gone Catawampus! We've been chatting via blogs for a little while, and we finally got to hang out for a while on Saturday!
The lovely ladies of Gone Catawampus!

How I made it: Construction for this costume is pretty simple. It’s a basic tunic, leggings, and boots. For the tunic, I used my handy Kwik-Sew 3154 pattern. I traced over the bodice/skirt to get the tunic look, but I had to taper it down at the sides so that I didn’t flare out too much. I cut off a 2″ chunk of white moleskin for the center strip and removed an inch from the center of the bodice/skirt pattern. I borrowed the bands from my Renfrew to make the sleeve cuffs, and I drafted the hood using this tutorial.

The cutest little Riddler you ever did see. Photo courtesy of Gone Catawampus.
The cutest little Riddler you ever did see. Photo courtesy of Gone Catawampus.

I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of thigh-high boots, so I sewed them into my leggings. The leggings are my Kwik-Sew 3636 pattern. I cut it off a bit above the knee and cut up an old sock to create the foot of the pattern. Rogue’s boots are “described” as a deep green, but the color varies drastically depending on the artist. I didn’t want to drop a lot of money on this costume, so I went with some black moleskin leftover from my Ms. Marvel costume. I sewed scrap vinyl to the bottom of the “boot” so that I won’t slide around when walking. One of my favorite parts of this costume is that she’s drawn with flats.

Hanging out with Starman of My Geeky Geeky Ways. Photo courtesy of SNCS Live.
Hanging out with Starman of My Geeky Geeky Ways. Photo courtesy of SNCS Live.

The belt is an old black leather belt that I painted white and a re-purposed X-men belt buckle. The wig is the same Rogue wig I’ve worn several times this year, but I trimmed the bangs (I am terrible at this, by the way. Anyone have a good bangs tutorial?). I actually bought the Ferraris intending to make this costume, which is why I didn’t have a straight wig for my Kotobukiya Rogue. I also used my old utility pouch so that I wouldn’t have to carry a purse! I purchased the gloves from Party City.

Hallway shot courtesy of Captain AmeriDad of the North Texas Cosplay group.
Hallway shot courtesy of Captain AmeriDad of the North Texas Cosplay group.

Thoughts on this costume: I purchased the materials for this costume back in January, since I wanted to make this costume months ago. Better late than never! Overall, I’m pretty happy with this costume. I serged all of it, so it came together very quickly. It’s super comfy, especially with the flats. I can definitely see myself wearing this a lot when the weather cools down.

Thanks to Starman for the photo!
Thanks to Starman for the photo!

In case it isn’t obvious, I opted not to wear a corset with this costume. I just wasn’t feeling it that day. I thought about taking other pictures, but I wanted to post these to show the difference various kinds of shapewear can make. I used an old off-brand Spanx set that dug into my waist and made me look lumpy. In hindsight, I should have gone with something that went up to my ribcage or just gone with my corset. The more you know!

Pillow Patrol

Did you guys do any Black Friday shopping? I got so many e-mails about sales. It was ridiculous. It took soooo much effort not to blow my entire paycheck on fabric and cosplay supplies. I only indulged in a few things: a cute bowler hat, a blonde wig from Epic Cosplay (my first from them), and a pair of black sneakers. Any guesses what they’re for?

In an effort to keep to my stashbusting pledge, I decided to make a few envelope pillows and other DIY projects out of my leftover novelty print fabrics. I only anticipated making 3-4 pillows, but I grossly underestimated how much spare fabric I had. I wound up making 7 pillows total and a botched 8th. I also cut pieces for two bow clutches, my upcoming Korra cosplay, and my upcoming Ms. Marvel cosplay, but I’ll get to those in a later post.

There are a ton of great pillow tutorials on the interwebz, but here’s the one I used. It’s very simple and straightforward with lots of pictures. Yes, you will want to cut your fabric the same size as your pillow to make it look fuller, but don’t cut smaller or this happens.

Hungry, hungry pillows. My BF is playing the new Assassin’s Creed. I love me some sea shanties.

As a reference, the pillow covers I made for myself were cut to 13″ by 13″ measurements, but my pillow forms are 14″x14″. Oops. Just an excuse to buy more pillow forms 😉

All in all, it took me 2 hours to sew all 8 pillows. Cutting took a while because I had to play fabric cutting Tetris from scraps.

cutting fabric
It’s mathematical! Pardon, I’ve been binging on Adventure Time lately.

I mentioned that I botched one of the pillows. I made a rookie mistake and sewed the right sides of the back to the wrong side of the front. I had no interest in seam ripping, so I’m tossing it back into the scrap bin to be reborn as a clutch in the future.


Pillows are such a great way to practice and learn new techniques. You can keep them as simple as you like, or make them super complicated and frilly. I stuck with basic envelopes for time’s sake, but it wouldn’t have taken too much effort to add some piping, make and add some ruffles, toss on a cool front piece (I may make a few nerdy logos out of felt for future projects), or add a zipper. It’s also a great time to practice new hemming techniques like a blind hem or a narrow hem, because if you botch it, no one is really going to see.

Just for the record, these aren’t all for me. I’m keeping one of the Marvel, Star Wars, and Wonder Woman pillows, but the rest are going to family members (namely, cousins in the 8-12 age range) for Christmas. Here’s hoping they like ’em!

Photo Nov 30, 10 51 05 AM

Marvel Macaron

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a happy holiday with loved ones.

A little while back, I mentioned that was getting started on a Macaron dress from Colette. Well, I finished it in time for Thanksgiving dinner! I was so happy with how everything lined up for this dress. I bought a fun Marvel print fabric on a whim over the summer. I was at the cutting table at JoAnn’s when I spotted it. Originally, I intended to make a Cambie out of it, but there was only  2 3/4 yards left. So I stashed it, hoping that a pattern would come along. I read about the Macaron through a few other sewing blogs and thought it’d be perfect. The yoke is a great way to balance out the business of the print. Bonus: I had red fabric for the yoke in my stash!

The moment I started sewing this dress I knew I was going to love it. It’s just such a pretty design. I can’t wait to make more versions of this dress for daily wear. I love my Cambie, but Colette patterns are a better “out of the box” fit for me.


The Basics:

Pattern: Colette Macaron

Fabric: 2 yards of Marvel print fabric from JoAnn’s (I plan to use the rest for other DIY projects) and  1 3/4 red quilting cotton that I had in my stash.

Alterations: I added 1 1/2″ to the skirt length. I also did a rolled hem instead of a blind hem. I’ve never used my blind hem foot and opted for something I knew would work and look neat. I may seam rip this and try the blind hem at a later date.

Time: 7-8~ hours

Notions: Invisible zipper

Make it again? Absolutely. The fit of the pattern is absolutely gorgeous. It really accentuates an hourglass shape, but the pleats are a great camouflage for the tummy area. Big perk for consuming Thanksgiving dinner! I’d love to make a few more versions of this dress for work/play. Expect to see a sleeveless version come warmer weather!

Favorite parts: Pockets hidden into the pleats, scalloped sleeves (I thought I’d hate them. I was so wrong!), overall fit.

Other thoughts: I’m happy I wore this to dinner with the fam, but I can’t wait to wear this dress to a con! It’s just so fun.

I did run into a few minor fitting issues. I read on a few blogs that Colette patterns tend to be a bit more fitted, so I sewed a size up. I did have to take it in at a few points, but only a little. The bodice fits a little higher than I normally like, so I’ll add an inch in future dresses. I’ll also add 4-5″ to the skirt length to allow for a proper hem. The hem on this dress is 1/2″ rolled hem, but the pattern calls for a blind hem that takes a full 2″. That would have put this dress at mid-thigh on me, but I prefer my dresses to sit right below my knee. I’m also a giant, so there’s that.

If you haven’t bought an invisible zipper foot, go out and buy one now. Oh man, it makes such a difference and they’re not expensive. My zipper was so neat on this dress. I am a happy, happy camper.

Side shot. Look at dem sleeves! So pretty. I really love those pockets too.
Butt/back shot. I really like the pleats.