Costume Notes: Marvel Now Rogue

Completed: July 2014 Hours Spent: 6ish Debuted: North Texas Comic Book Show Summer 2014 Why This Costume:'s another Rogue? Haha. I really enjoyed the Marvel Now run of X-Men, which featured an all-female team, including Rogue. This version of Rogue is (or was) very much the Rogue that I grew up with and loved. She's the muscle of the … Continue reading Costume Notes: Marvel Now Rogue

Dallas Comic Con Wrap-Up

Better late than never, right? In May, I attended Dallas Comic Con. This was the first time the convention was actually held in Dallas, specifically the Dallas Convention Center. I was absolutely thrilled with this, since the new location is a short taxi cab from my apartment (it's going to be such a bummer to … Continue reading Dallas Comic Con Wrap-Up