Life According to Instagram: May 2015 (+ Con Announcement)

1. The lovely Taffeta Darling asked me to help out as a cosplay guest at Keith's Comics for Free Comic Book Day. It was a really fun experience, and I even got my first sampling of contest judging! I had a great time at Keith's and would love to visit again next year. 2. I … Continue reading Life According to Instagram: May 2015 (+ Con Announcement)

Costume Notes: Batwoman

Completed: May 2015 Hours Spent: Approximately 20 hours Debuted: Dallas Comic Con Fan Expo 2015 Why This Costume: My friends over at Gone Catawampus had the idea for a Gotham Girls group several months ago and asked me to participate. I hemmed and hawed over which character to make for a while since I'm not a big … Continue reading Costume Notes: Batwoman

10 Ways to Save Money on Cosplay

Budgeting for cosplay is something that's come up a lot in my feeds recently. Con season is quickly creeping up on us, and I'm seeing a lot of new people express anxiety over the potential cost of getting into this hobby. Believe me, I get it. Cosplay can get expensive, especially when you do big, … Continue reading 10 Ways to Save Money on Cosplay

Costume Notes: Captain Marvel

Completed: February 2015 Hours Spent: About 45 hours spread out over 2 months Debuted: Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 2015 Why This Costume: I really got into Captain Marvel last year. It started with my Ms. Marvel stashbusting. The more I read about Carol, the more I liked her. I was smitten with Kelley Sue Deconnick's comic from … Continue reading Costume Notes: Captain Marvel

Life According to Instagram: January 2015

I feel so old every time I say this, but I feel like 2015 got off with a ridiculous flurry. How did the month go by so fast? Here are a few of my favorite moments from January, as documented by Instagram. My birthday was on January 4! I was unfortunately too sick to go … Continue reading Life According to Instagram: January 2015

Life According to Instagram: December

Happy Friday! I decided to start up another new series this year. Something I noticed last year was that I tend to censor myself a lot. Anything too personal (or with too much of my very odd sense of humor) gets cut. I'm trying to include more of these things, because hey, I do have … Continue reading Life According to Instagram: December