Life According to Instagram: January 2015

I feel so old every time I say this, but I feel like 2015 got off with a ridiculous flurry. How did the month go by so fast? Here are a few of my favorite moments from January, as documented by Instagram.

Instagram January 2015

  1. My birthday was on January 4! I was unfortunately too sick to go out and do much of anything fun. But my friend Maven Lee Cosplay still made me this beautiful cross-stitch! It’s currently hanging by my sewing table.
  2. I started my Back to Basics series! I have lots of ideas for this series, and hopefully I’ll  be able to pump these out once a month. The next one should be ready for posting next Tuesday!
  3. I finished waaaaaay more commissions than I anticipated this month: 2 bodysuits for Taffeta Darling, a cape for Chaks Productions, and a bustle skirt for a friend’s upcoming steampunk costume. I thought is was funny looking at TD’s bodysuits next to mine, since I’m stupid tall and she’s on the shorter side. There’s like 8″ of difference between the legs of our suits.
  4. My puppy continues to distract me from crafting. He’s not a fan of me isolating myself to work on projects, so most of the time I have to wait for my boyfriend to get home before I can start on stuff. How do you handle craft pets?
  5. ModCloth asked me to participate in their layering challenge. It was super exciting to be contacted by a company that puts out so many cute clothes. The mood board/fashion styling post was kind of a first too! Are you guys interested in seeing more of these posts?
  6. My friend Yogomi contacted me about creating a cosplay documentary series. He’s doing short, 10-ish minute segments on various cosplayers and chatting about what got them into cosplay, their inspiration, how they go about projects, etc. I’m super excited to share this with you guys once it’s up!
  7. I got to do my first promo gig! Red Pegasus put out a call for Marvel cosplayers to help promote The Marvel Experience (Gone Catawampus has a great review of the event if you’re interested in attending!). I donned Captain Marvel for the event. Promo work isn’t something I think I’ll do on a regular basis, but it was fun nonetheless. And I got free tickets to attend The Marvel Experience, so win!
  8. Calliopunk/Callulu Cosplay persuaded me to tackle Belle. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m hoping to have her ready for All-Con in mid-March. Once Fan Days is over, I plan to focus entirely on this costume (and finally make 1 or 2 non-costume things. I need an instant gratification project something fierce). Hopefully I’ll have some time this week to get started on the top layer of her skirt!
  9. I made it out to the North Texas Comic Book Show a few weeks ago. This is always a low-key event, but it’s nice to actually be able to talk to people instead of hastily waving at friends while rushing between panels and events. My favorite photo from the day was me in my moogle hoodie “fighting” Calliopunk in her Captain Hammer.

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14 thoughts on “Life According to Instagram: January 2015

  1. Crafting with pets can be very different to doing it without them. I have a post drafted in my mind about that and I should write it one day. I have a lovebird since November 2013, and he’s changed how I craft. My sewing corner is a lot messier than before because he enjoys getting inside my drawers and dropping my things on the floor, getting tangled in my threads and unthreading my sewing machine and my overlocker. He also bites my patterns and steals my pins. I guess you can teach a dog to stop doing these things, but a lovebird will do what he pleases 😉 I also knit and this has slowed down a lot, since he likes to play with my yarn and likes to take his naps while I’m holding him with my hands. Yeah, knitting is not possible with just one hand. All in all, I’m very happy to have him with us. Sewing is a very lonely hobby and he’s my sewing companion!

    1. Oh man, it sounds like he’s a handful! Fortunately, my dog typically avoids going into my craft room. He just sits at the door and whines until I come out and play. Can’t wait to see your post on this topic!

  2. Ah, crafting with pets. My kitties are pretty good, but we have had a ‘paws in the oil paint palette’ situation before. That was a little rough, mainly because it is SUPER poisonous if they had licked it. Luckily, all taken care of haha!
    I’m loving your back to basics posts, and I’m always down for more fashion posts. 🙂

    1. Oh no! Glad they didn’t wind up consuming the paint. I’m always terrified my dog will wind up stepping on or swallowing a pin or something that will require surgery. I’ve been a lot more careful what projects I leave out now for sure!

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