Fandom Friday: Favorite Funko Pop Figures (+ Con Announcement)

IMG_0731Happy Friday! I had to jump in with another Fandom Friday post since this week’s topic is all about the Funko Pop! figurines! I’m not much of a collector, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t consider buying one (dozen or so) of these every time I went to a con. The hardest part about this week is only choosing 5! So I kind of cheated a little and chose the top five individual figures I want along with the top 5 collections I’d like.

First up, figures!

08_WonderWomanPopGlam_1024x10241. Wonder Woman: Are y’all surprised by this? Didn’t think so.

C3PO-POP_GLAM_1024x10242. C-3P0: I debated on whether or not to just put the entire Star Wars collection into this list, but some of them are not that cute. C-3P0 is definitely my favorite of the collection!

5104_Dancing_Groot_GLAM_1024x10243. Dancing Groot: Who doesn’t want a dancing Groot? I just love that he’s a bobble head.

Belle_grande4. Belle: Belle is my favorite Disney princess, and now that I’m planning to cosplay her (again), I want all her merch! I definitely want the yellow ballgown version, though that is pretty hard to find. I also want the peasant dress figure and the hipster version!

GIZMO_POP_GLAM_1024x10245. Gizmo: I recently watched Gremlins for the first time and loved it. Gizmo is so cute! I definitely want this figure and a Gizmo plushie.


The_Gentlemen_POP_1024x10241. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: I want so many of these that I’d just rather take the collection. Willow, Oz, Spike and the Gentlemen are definitely my favorite figures.

Teen_Titans_Ravin_1024x10242. Teen Titans Go!: This was one of my favorite cartoons as a teen, and all of the characters are so well suited for Funko figurines! Starfire and Raven are definitely my favorites.

4181_Firefly_-_Kaylee_Frye_GLAM_1024x10243. Firefly: I oggle these every time I see them. There’s actually a hard to find “dirty” Kaylee that’s super adorable. There was one on sale at the North Texas Comic Book show and I’m kicking myself for not buying her!

Ghost_POP_GLAM_1024x10244. Game of Thrones: I just love that such a dark show has such cute figurines. Ghost is my favorite, though I also love Drogon and Dany’s figures.

4343_Breaking_Bad_-_Heisenberg_GLAM_1024x10245. Breaking Bad: Again, I love the fact that a show this dark has such cute figurines. Heisenburg and cook Jessie are my favs!

There were a few other collections that almost made the cut, including the X-Men (no official Rogue. Le sigh) and Kill Bill. Like I said, the hardest part about this week was picking which ones I liked the most! Ultimately, I thought that Breaking Bad in Funko form was cuter than Kill Bill. But I’d totally take both if I could.

What are your favorite Funko figures? You can see more responses at The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick!

Disclaimer: All images are property of of Funko. I make no money from this nonsense (though if they’d like to send me some for review, I will happily accept).

FotorCreatedP.S. I’m heading out to Fan Days this weekend and “officially” debuting Captain Marvel! Unfortunately, I won’t have my new contact cards with me, but feel free to say hi and ask for derpy mohwak selfies if you see me!

13 thoughts on “Fandom Friday: Favorite Funko Pop Figures (+ Con Announcement)

  1. I am in the process of collecting all the Firefly Pops haha! I still need Kaylee and Zoe.

    Seriously can’t wait to see pics of the Captain Marvel costume – that helmet is fantastic!! And Belle’s dress peeking in there is looking great as well!

  2. Okay. I didn’t know there was a Ghost figure. Adorable! Also, my favorite of the Star Wars figures is maybe Jabba. Which is kind of weird, but I’m gonna own it.
    xx abby | a geek tragedy

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