Costume Notes: Lulu pt. 3

Welcome back to my final post on Lulu! If you've stuck with me through all these posts, you deserve a whole big ol' batch of cookies. Today I'll discuss a few final details and lots of photos! But first, a few things I forgot to write about already. Completed: November 2015 Hours Spent: Approximately 150 hours Debuted: Anime North … Continue reading Costume Notes: Lulu pt. 3

WIP: October 2015

Lulu: 50% complete I'm finally making some decent progress on Lulu! One of my big tasks for this month was knocking out her base skirt and sleeves. I debated on how to do this. There's some discussion among cosplayers as to what Lulu's skirt and sleeves are supposed to be: separate pieces or a dress … Continue reading WIP: October 2015

Costume Notes: Margaret

Completed: May 2015 Hours Spent: Approximately 20 hours Debuted: A-Kon 26 Why This Costume: One of my friends is a huge Persona fan, and asked if I'd join her and her boyfriend for a Velvet Room group at A-Kon. I had just finished playing though Persona 4 Golden when she asked, and thought it sounded like a fun opportunity! … Continue reading Costume Notes: Margaret

Costume Notes: Pokemon Trainer Serena

Completed: June 2014 Hours Spent: 12-15~ Debuted: A-Kon 25 Why This Costume: Several of my cosplay friends have Pokemon trainer costumes, so I decided to make one to join them. I couldn't figure out which one I wanted for a while, but I loved the design of Serena, and I really enjoyed playing as her in Pokemon X! Plus, Fennekin … Continue reading Costume Notes: Pokemon Trainer Serena