Costume Notes: Ms. Marvel Ballgown

Completed: June 2014 Hours Spent: 20~ Debuted: A-Kon 25 Why This Costume: I was positively thrilled to see that A-Kon was holding a masquerade ball this year. Any excuse to wear a pretty dress! I hemmed and hawed over what I wanted to wear. I was pretty much set on just costuming up my satin Cambie or thrifting a prom dress, … Continue reading Costume Notes: Ms. Marvel Ballgown

Rogue: X-Men Animated Series

Completed: May 2013 Hours Spent: 7-10~ (on my end) Debuted at: A-Kon 24 Why This Costume: If Sailor Moon was my first forray into anime, the 90s X-Men cartoon was my “gateway drug” for all-around nerdom. I adored this cartoon, and Rogue was my all-time favorite character. I was born in Mississippi and raised in … Continue reading Rogue: X-Men Animated Series