February Monthly Stitch: Doin’ the pants dance

Not so belated this time! February's challenge was to create pants. Originally, I planned to make a pair of trousers, 'cause I need some for work. A lot. I ordered some cheap-ish linen blend fabric ($15~ total) for a pair of Colette Junipers. I liked the fabric online, but it was super stiff, even after … Continue reading February Monthly Stitch: Doin’ the pants dance

Zoobliez Review

Hey guys, quick post today. Just wanted to show you guys this beauty I got in the mail from Zoobliez. After a bit of searching, I stumbled across them on etsy and commissioned their Angel plushie for a few upcoming Fluttershy costumes. They had pretty good reviews, and a reasonable price of $45 w/shipping. I … Continue reading Zoobliez Review