February Monthly Stitch: Doin’ the pants dance

Not so belated this time! February’s challenge was to create pants. Originally, I planned to make a pair of trousers, ’cause I need some for work. A lot. I ordered some cheap-ish linen blend fabric ($15~ total) for a pair of Colette Junipers. I liked the fabric online, but it was super stiff, even after washing. I might try to treat it some more or find another project for it.

But hope was not lost! I’m in All-Con prep mode and they’re having a PJ pre-party on Wednesday night. I don’t *really* need an excuse to make PJ pants (I have at least 7 pair at the moment), but I made some anyway.


The Basics: 

Pattern: Sewaholic Tofino pants

Fabric: 3 yds of plaid seersucker found on Etsy

Alterations: Added a few inches for length that I then had to take off when hemming. Derp. I also added pockets using this tutorial.


Notions: Piping, patches, ribbon

Make it again?: Definitely. I may be making some as a gift soon [insert suspicious eyebrow wiggle].

Favorite parts: Piping, even if installing it took ages.

Other thoughts: Pretty simple, straight forward pattern. The instructions are clear, but I also looked at this sewalong just to double check.

I made the pockets so that I wouldn’t have to carry a purse. Between my Angel plushie (I had the maker add a pocket to him) and these pockets, I’ll be good to go! Pockets are always a cosplayer’s best friend.


I did muck up the waistband a bit. I absolutely hate stitch in the ditch. I am incapable of making it look neat and pretty, even though I freaking hand-basted it this time. I ultimately gave up and just stitched 1/8″ from the top and bottom of the waistband. You honestly can’t see it because my threat matches so well (see: WORST HUMBLE BRAG EVER), but it still bugged me. Gah.


Does that top look familiar? It’s aRenfrew! The Alma blouse beat out the Renfrew by one vote for this month’s challenge. I wanted something quick and easy to kind of cleanse my sewing palette over the weekend, and the Renfrew fit the bill! I’ll put up another post on it later this week.

Alas, I’m still taking cell phone shots. Do you guys have any recommendations for cameras that won’t break the bank? I’ve started doing some research, but I’d love to hear what you guys think. I’ll probably buy a simple point and shoot camera when I get my next check.

5 thoughts on “February Monthly Stitch: Doin’ the pants dance

  1. Great pants — the pockets and piping are fab! I know how pants plans can change.

    I am on the lookout for a new camera also sadly I have no recommendations because I have my heart set on something to expensive so I have blinders on!

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