Me-Made-May 2014 Wrap-Up

Oh the things we start with the best intentions. My first week and a half of MMM started well. I dutifully picked my outfits and even did what I said and posted them to my Instagram.

Have I mentioned that I love my Mabel? I think it’s time to make another one. Or twelve.

Then things got weird.  The second full week of May was OMG-crunch-time for Dallas Comic Con, and it was one of those weeks when I woke up at 5:30am to sew before work and hit my craft table again when I got home after my workout. Prettying myself up for Instagram was not on my brain that week, or the following week when I realized I only had two weeks to finish my costumes for A-Kon O_o.

Costumes totally count for MMM, right? Rogue photo by Alan Tijernia. Ms. Marvel photo by Javier Micarelli.

Still, I did make efforts to meet my goal of wearing me-made items at least 3 days a week. Most of the time, though, that meant sliding into either my Renfrew or my Tofino pants the second I got home.

I realized as I went through the month that while I’m churning out a lot of projects, I still don’t have as many basic wardrobe staples as I’d like. I’m guilty of what Tasia refers to as “making frosting.” I have lots of pretty, fun things to wear, but not functional, everyday pieces. The items that I wear the most are my Mabel skirt, my recent skater dress, my Alma tops, my Tofino pants, and my Cambie dress on the days that I need to look a bit more professional.

Hanging out with my mom on Mother’s Day in my first Alma blouse.

With that in mind, I decided to alter my project list through the end of the year. Here are the basics I’m hoping to make:

  • 3-5 blouses: This is something that I really want to focus on over the next few months. My blouse collection is minimal, and I need more separates to wear with my me-made projects as well as my RTW clothes.
  • 3 more skirts: I really need more office-friendly skirts. I’m thinking a pencil skirt, an A-line skirt, and at least one more Mabel.
  • 3-5 more dresses: I’m slowly realizing that I really like dresses for work, especially knit dresses. It’s super easy to just grab a cardigan and ballet flats and be ready to go for work. I’d like to make another skater dress, another Moneta (I’ll blog about my first one soon), and another Cambie for sure. I’d also love to hack a Renfrew into a cowl-neck dress (like this beauty. Or this one)! And make another Macaron for work. Just because.
  • Trousers: I’ve been avoiding this for months because I’m terrified to fit pants, but it’s time. I’m down to 2 pairs of trousers for work and they’re both pretty much threadbare. I’m thinking Colette’s Juniper, since I have the pattern. Does anyone else have experience with this pattern?
  • Coat: The beau and I will likely venture North this winter to visit family for the holidays, and my go-to coat is starting to show its age. I’d love to make Colette’s Anise. I have the pattern and the BF’s mom gifted me some lovely wool for Christmas last year.

I don’t expect to get through all of these, but I am hoping to put a good dent in them. I probably won’t make any more costumes this year after Dragon Con, which will free up a good chunk of time and money to devote to these.

For those of you who participated in MMM, how did your challenge go? Do you have any must-makes now that it’s over?

4 thoughts on “Me-Made-May 2014 Wrap-Up

  1. I know this has nothing to do with your post, but what I got out of it is that you’re going to Dragon Con. And I have to say I’m a bit jealous. I went a few years ago and had the best time! But alas, my costume budget is eating into my travel budget. Not to mention, the two of us here at GC have two very complicated costumes we’re just starting to plan for Oct and Feb cons. Yikes! Not totally convinced we can handle it, but we’re going to put fort a valiant effort!

    1. I love Dragon Con! Last year was my first year to attend. I hope to make it a regular in my con circuit, but my 9-5 is in higher education, so I always have to cut it short due to the beginning of the fall semester. I may have to swap it out for SDCC or stick to more local cons in the future :-/.

      Best of luck with your costumes! What are you guys working on?

  2. Those 9-5s get in the way of everything, don’t they?! I would love to make it to SDCC one day! For Oct, we’re working on Elsa/Elphaba and for Feb, we’re working on Astrid/Toothless. Lots and lots of work ahead of us!

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