Sewaholic Davie

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Happy Friday! If you’ve been following my Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I was in the Caribbean on a cruise last week. My beau/now fiance(!) and I have been planning this trip since early in the year, and it was a much needed break after the insanity of the early fall semester.

I had grand plans to take the month after A-Fest off and make a bunch of new non-cosplay garments for the cruise, but alas, I didn’t quite live up to my grand expectations. Still, I managed to pack several me-made garments on the trip, including one of my backlog patterns: the Sewaholic Davie!


I’ve been eyeballing this pattern since it came out back in March. Everything about this pattern appeals to me: the knit design, the A-line skirt, the princess seams, and the minimal number of seams. Nothing about this pattern is complicated, but it’s super cute and very flattering! I’m pretty sure that it took me longer to print and assemble this pattern than it did to complete the FBA and sew the whole thing.

Aside from the FBA, the only change I made to this pattern was making the front portion of the sleeve black. I thought the color blocking went up to the shoulder, but it doesn’t. Herp derp. I thought the grey blocking this way would look more flattering on me, even though I tend to wear most of my dresses with cardigans.


Since this is essentially a wearable muslin, I opted to skip the topstitching and keyhole. I’m not really a fan of the keyhole on this design, but it’s easy enough to eliminate by just stitching straight up the seam. Alternatively, you could cut the center piece on the fold.

The Basics: 

Pattern: Sewaholic Davie

Fabric: Mystery reversible scuba knit. I honestly can’t remember where I got this from.


  • Added 1.75″ FBA
  • Altered front to have black sleeve
  • Added 2″ length

Notions: Clear elastic, purchased bias tape

Make it again?: Absolutely! I’d love to make every variation of this dress for fun and work, and maybe even make some nerdy versions. A Rogue-themed yellow and green number would be perfect for casual con days!


Favorite parts: A-line shape, speedy to make, and easy to wear!

Changes for next time: I definitely fudged a few details with this make since I kind of wanted a palate cleanser project after A-Fest. For next time, I’ll need to raise the arm hole about an inch, possibly more. I think the FBA lowered this more than I realized. I’d also like to tweak the arm hole finish for next time. I might finish it off with bias tape like the neckline and see how I like it. I wasn’t happy with just folding down the edge. It looks messy to me. I also need to make a swayback adjustment.

Other thoughts: All in all, this was a very fun (and fast) make! I’ve worn it a few times since finishing it up, and I’ve gotten several compliments on it. This one is definitely going into my tried and true collection, and I’m hoping to knock out a small collection of them in the near future! Who knows? Maybe this will be my new Cambie 😉

What’s your favorite tried and true pattern? 

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