Costume Notes: Casual Rogue

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Photographer Credits: Mehreen Rizvi Photography

Completed: 2016

Hours Spent: 5

Debuted: Fan Days 2017

Why This Costume: For a long time, I’ve said that I need more geek chic outfits for chill and judging days at conventions. When I was asked to judge at Fan Days last fall, I was stumped on what to wear. I wanted to be comfortable, but still wear my work. I’d made this dress as a stashbuster project in late 2016, and with a little accessorizing, I pulled together a new comfy con outfit!

Purchased Pieces: 

Patterns Used: 

How I Made it: 

This was a fairly straightforward project. I used the Davie dress from Sewaholic and sewed it up in the same materials as my Rogue bodysuit. I made the same alterations as I did on my last dress, making sure to take up the armhole a bit. For a little extra flair, I hemmed the skirt with 1/2″ horsehair braid.

To create the rest of the ensemble, I raided my other Rogue costumes. I used my go-to Rogue wig (which is just about at the end of its life, sadly), the jacket I made for Kotobukiya Rogue, pulled out some green tights I purchased for a Poison Ivy costume that never happened, and wore my green flats I maid for Sailor Ariel.

Thoughts on this build: 

All in all, this was a nice palate cleanser. Next time I need to pay more attention to how my lines look under my costume (nothing like muffin top tights!), but it fit the bill for a comfy and cute judging costume.

Me and some of the judges at Fan Days! Left to right: me, Mica Burton, HonorLychee, Chaks Productions, and Imaginary FX.

Do you have a go-to geek chic outfit? 

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